Build The Ideal Bug Out Bag eBook Free For a Limited Time

Build The Ideal Bug Out Bag Cover - Best Seller FreeI wanted to take just a minute and let you all know that my eBook entitled Build the Ideal Bug Out Bag: The Ultimate Guide to Preparing a 72 Hour Survival Kit for Surviving Comfortably will be free from March 18th through March 22nd!

If you have been putting off the task of putting a 72 hour kit together but meaning to get to it, now is the time to download my eBook because, you guessed it, it’s free! It will only be free for a limited time so you better get it while the gettin’s good!
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Doomsday Prepping Crash Course eBook Free For Limited Time

Doomsday Prepping Crash Course Free PromotionHey everyone! I wanted to let you know that my eBook entitled Doomsday Prepping Crash Course: The Ultimate Preppers Guide to Getting Prepared When You’re on a Tight Budget will be free from March 6th, 2014 through March 8th, 2014!

From time to time, I like to run these free promotions to help get the word out about my books and this just happens to be one of those times. You can get it for free during the dates mentioned above at
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Why It’s Important To Keep Your Vehicle’s Gas Tanks Full at All Times

Why You Should Keep Your Car's Gas Tank Full at All TimesAs preppers, we all know that the day may come when we have to leave our homes and seek shelter in a safer location. Preppers call this “bugging out”. It would be ideal if we could stay in our homes during a major emergency since most of the supplies that we store are kept there but the fact is that at some point, we might actually have to bug out.

Hopefully you have taken the time to prepare a bug out bag (72 hour kit) for each member of your family. If you have, you can quickly throw it in your vehicle and be on your way. If you haven’t taken the time to do this, you’ll find yourself frantically scrambling as you try to think of things that you should take with you at the last moment.
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Why Every Prepper Should Store 5 Gallon Buckets

Why Every Prepper Should Store 5 Gallon BucketsToday we’re going to be talking about what I think is an item that all preppers should have on hand and that is the trusty ol’ 5 gallon bucket. I actually think you should have several of them stored away. The generic, run-of-the-mill, 5 gallon plastic buckets can be purchased for about three dollars at most big box home improvement stores. These handy plastic containers have so many uses that it’s almost hard to mention them all.

Let me take a minute and list a few of my favorite uses for this item. Keep in mind that this list is certainly not all inclusive. It’s just a brief list of things that quickly came to my mind when I was thinking about prepping uses for this item.
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Why You Should Replace Your Boot Laces With 550 Paracord

Why you should replace your boot laces with 550 paracordHere’s a quick and handy tip for all of my prepper friends out there. If you want to have a good source of cordage with you at all times, you should take a few minutes and replace your boot laces with 550 paracord!

Most of you already know what this is but for those of you who are new to prepping, let me explain what 550 paracord actually is. It’s a lightweight nylon cord that was once used as the lines to connect a parachute to the parachute harness. It’s called “550 paracord” because it has a breaking strength of 550 lbs which makes it extremely strong for how thin it is.

This lightweight and relatively thin (about 4 mm in diameter) nylon cord has numerous uses in survival. Almost too many to mention! One of the neat things about this particular type of rope is that the hollow outer sheath has seven two ply strands inside of it. You can remove these inner strands and use them for a variety of survival purposes.
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