Don’t JUST Prepare for the End of the World

Before I begin this article, let me just take a moment and apologize to my regular readers for not updating my website for a while. In addition to prepping, the main thing that has kept me from posting here is that I’ve been very busy working on my new book so that I could deliver it to my publisher on time. Now that I’m done with that, you can once again expect more quality articles about prepping to be published here at Preppers Illustrated.
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How We Dramatically Improved the Reception of Our Scanner

Emergency Scanner Antenna | Preppers IllustratedWe, like many preppers have a scanner that we use to listen to transmissions from emergency personnel such as police, fire, and ambulance. If there’s something going on in our neck of the woods, we want to know about it immediately. This is why we choose to listen to a scanner in our home.

For quite some time, we’ve been dealing with “less than ideal” reception issues. Many of the transmissions that we heard were scratchy or garbled. In a lot of cases, we couldn’t pick up certain frequencies at all. This was in part due to the fact that we chose to live in a very rural area which is heavily forested.
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Mophie powerstation XL – A Backup Battery in Your Pocket!

mophie powerstation XLLately I’ve been thinking a lot about how I would charge my portable electronic devices in a grid down or bug out situation.

Of course I have a generator but I certainly wouldn’t want to start it up and waste precious gasoline just to charge something like a smartphone.

This started me on a “quest” to find a quality portable battery pack that would be capable of meeting my needs. I had some very specific requirements in mind for the product that I wanted.
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Learning the Art of Situational Awareness May Keep You Alive

Situational Awareness can help keep you alive! | preppersillustrated.comWhat if I were to tell you that one of the most important things you can do to keep yourself safe doesn’t have anything at all to do with your every day carry gear? Would you be surprised?

Now, before you think that I’m off my rocker, I’m not suggesting that you should stop carrying your choice of self-defense gear.

What I am suggesting is that a thing called “situational awareness” may be one of the single most important skills that you can develop when it comes to keeping yourself safe from potential threats.
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