Breaking News on Rainwater Collection for Preppers

Rainwater Harvesting InfographicIf you have always wanted to install a rainwater collection system at your home but you were afraid to because of the stories in recent years about people getting in trouble with the law for doing so, I have some good news for you! Until recently, many western states had laws that essentially meant that if you collected rainwater from your own roof, you were a common criminal!

Well, the good news is that several states have repealed these laws and rainwater harvesting is now actually legal! Utah is one state that has recently made changes to their law. As a matter of fact, they just had a special campaign where they ENCOURAGED homeowners to purchase rain barrels.

As part of this campaign, for a limited time, Utah residents could purchase rainwater collection barrels for only $40 each. Zach Frankel, the Executive Director of the Utah Rivers Council made a statement where he said, “We sold out of our $40 barrels in the first 14 hours”.
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Real Example of How Easily Mass Panic Can Set In

Mass Panic InfoGraphicMany preppers already understand how easily mass panic can set in but today I’d like to share a short story with those nonbelievers out there. You might think that it would take a major natural disaster to cause chaos and panic but that’s just not the case. After reading this article, you’ll realize exactly how easily mass panic set in over a relatively minor incident.

This story involves an experience that my mother-in-law had in August of 2014. She happened to be shopping at a local grocery store when she received a text message. The message alerted her to the fact that the water supply in her area had recently tested positive for E. coli.

The local city officials said that this result didn’t necessarily mean that the entire water supply was contaminated but that it “could be”. Health officials made a statement advising residents that they should consider the water “unsafe to drink and take the appropriate precautions”.
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5 Reasons Your Plans to Use a Solar Generator Will Fail

Solar Generator InfographicIf you’re a prepper, you’ve probably seen all sorts of products that claim to be “solar powered generators”. There are tons of YouTube videos about how to make your own and there are plenty of companies that will gladly sell you one.

Heck, you may even have one that you put together yourself. In this article, I’ll be explaining 5 reasons that these products may not live up to your expectations when it comes to providing you with the amount of electricity that you might be expecting to have in a survival situation.

The main problem is that people have unrealistic expectations of how the solar powered generators will actually perform in a GDE (grid down event).

A well designed solar powered generator will consist of several basic components. I’ve listed them below for your convenience.
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