How You Can Buy Prepping Supplies Tax Free!

I have to admit that when I stumbled across this idea, I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t thought about it before now.

If you’re like most preppers, you probably don’t have endless resources when it comes to stockpiling prepping supplies. Oftentimes, as preppers, we go without the certain things that other people buy so that we can prepare for emergencies.

Well, I’m about to tell you how you can buy some of your prepping supplies tax free in the United States!
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PREPPER POLL: What’s More Important – Gear or Knowledge?

Yesterday my husband and I were reminiscing about days gone by which led us down the path of having a discussion about how prepping has become so much more popular than it used to be.

It’s no secret that there’s more prepper gear on the market now than there ever has been. This undoubtably is a result of prepping being the topic of so many reality TV shows such as Doomsday Preppers.

As we were talking, we had an interesting discussion about what we would choose if we could only choose between stockpiling gear or gaining knowledge.
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The Secret to Commerce in a Post-Apocalyptic World

Learn the Art of BarteringIf you’re like most preppers, you’ve undoubtedly spent time thinking, and maybe even worrying about what commerce might be like if the world we live in ever succumbs to a doomsday type event.

If you haven’t, you probably should! In a post-apocalyptic world, it won’t matter how much money you have stashed away in a bank account. Most preppers, including myself, believe that money will have little, if no value, at some point in the future.

So, if the almighty dollar won’t be able to buy you what you might need, how will goods and services be paid for in this type of an economy?
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Check out the New Yakima Products on Our BOV Build

yakima loadwarrior q-towersIf you follow Preppers Illustrated, you probably know that we recently started converting our 1994 Toyota T100 into a Bug Out Vehicle.

I also told you to stay tuned for the first modification to our BOV and this article will describe what we decided to do first.

All preppers know how important storage space is so we decided to do something to increase the amount of gear we can carry on our truck. You might be wondering why we decided to do this because it’s a truck that has plenty of storage space in the bed. While that is true, our plans are to use the bed of the pickup to sleep in if we ever have to stay mobile while bugging out. This means that we need to be creative and find other places to store gear.
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