Watch The Colony TV Show – It’s Like Boot Camp For Doomsday!

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The Colony TV show is like bootcamp for preppersI love talking to anyone who will listen to me about prepping for emergencies and one thing that comes up a lot when I’m talking about this subject is that people don’t really believe that a doomsday event will bring out the worst in people.

They want to believe that good will always prevail and law and order will remain in place regardless of the nature of the disaster. That is until I give them examples of the type of behavior that I’m trying to explain to them like the looting and marauding that we saw a few years ago shortly after Katrina hit New Orleans.

Whenever I encounter a nonbeliever I like to encourage them to take the time to watch a television program called “The Colony” which I believe does a decent job of showcasing what living in a post doomsday world might be like. If anything, I believe that they don’t paint a harsh enough picture of the lengths that marauders will go to when they are hungry and desperate.

The program isn’t currently on the air but you can watch season one and two on Netflix. This program originally aired during 2009 and 2010 on the Discovery Channel. Now, let me take a minute and explain what this program was about. The clever folks at Discovery took 10 people and placed them in a 10 week long social experiment.

They took the ten willing participants of this experiment and placed them in a dilapidated part of town and told them that a major catastrophic event had taken place. Basically, they said, “Hey it’s doomsday! Figure out a way to survive!” The show seems to paint the picture that they weren’t given much more than the shirt on their backs to survive but I have a suspicion that certain items were strategically left in the industrial camp that they ended up living in to help them survive.

Regardless of what was or was not left for them by the producers of the show, the storyline that unfolds as they attempt to make use of the items they find in their environment is fascinating to me. One of the main things that kept me tuning in to this program week after week was to see the resourcefulness of the participants. In both seasons, you’ll see them use the items that they were able to scavenge to generate electricity, gather food, improve their shelters, and even construct rudimentary weapons that they used to fend off invading marauders.

My husband has always said that if he was going to be on any TV reality show, this would be it. He thinks that being a pawn in this Discovery Channel social experiment is akin to attending boot camp for doomsday.

The Colony Trailer Video

I highly suggest that you take the time to watch this program if you haven’t already. It’s sure to put a sense of urgency into your emergency preparedness plans!

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