How a Serious EMP Attack Will Change Life as You Know It

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emp attack infographicOne of my goals here on Preppers Illustrated is to educate my readers about some of the possible threats that could lead to a breakdown in civilized society. By arming ourselves with this knowledge, we can take the necessary steps to become better prepared to survive.

Today we’ll be discussing how an EMP attack could actually set civilization back to the time before electricity was made accessible for practical use in electronic devices.

It may seem like we’ve had electricity forever but it was really only since 1831 when Michael Faraday invented a rudimentary power generator that made the utilization of electricity practical.

What Harm Could an EMP Attack Actually Cause?

If a foreign country or terrorist organization were to ever unleash an EMP bomb, in a fraction of a second, all unshielded electronic devices would instantly be rendered useless. I’m not just talking about your television or your cell phone either. Anything and everything that uses electricity would instantly stop functioning! This includes your vehicle too because it relies on electrical components and connections. The power lines that deliver electricity to your home would become damaged and the entire electrical grid would collapse.

Right now, if something causes the power to go out in your area, you simply wait a few hours for the electric company to make the necessary repairs and your lights eventually come back on. If an EMP weapon were ever deployed, it would be game over for most electronic devices. In less than the time that it takes you to sneeze, we would all be thrust back into the days of the horse and buggy. Fortunately, I actually own a horse and buggy for just such an occurrence.

What Does EMP Stand For?

EMP is an acronym for “electromagnetic pulse”. To paraphrase Wikipedia, they describe it as a short burst of electromagnetic energy that can be disruptive or damaging to electronic equipment. A very small EMP pulse wouldn’t shut down the entire electric grid but the reason that so many people are worried about an EMP threat is that it’s possible for a device to be designed that could produce an electromagnetic pulse that is strong enough to bring the electric grid to its knees.

How Does an EMP Work?

If an EMP attack were ever to be waged on the United States, it would most likely be in the form of a nuclear bomb that was detonated high in the atmosphere. This would release a tremendous amount of energy resulting in an EMP powerful enough to destroy any electronic devices that were not equipped with adequate EMP shielding.

Now Comes the Hard Question; Are You Ready for an EMP Attack?

There are devices that can provide EMP protection that I’ll discuss in a future article but the reality is that if such an attack were to ever take place, our lives would drastically change forever. My advice would be to imagine life without electricity. Think about how you would accomplish the things that you need to do if you didn’t have power tools, cell phones, automobiles, electric ovens, etc. Then, start preparing by storing the types of things that you will need to survive with that don’t require electricity.

For a perfect example, I suggest you read my article called Why Every Prepper Should Start Collecting Hand Tools.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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