Want to Stay Alive after Doomsday? Be a Survival Ninja!

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survival ninja infographicI’d like to begin this article by asking you a question. Are you “the glass is half-full” or “the glass is half-empty” type of person? I like to consider myself a little bit of a combination of the two types. For example, I HOPE that nothing bad ever happens that leads to a major breakdown in civilized society but I plan and prepare as if that day WILL someday come.

Regardless of what group you might fall into, for the sake of this article, I’d like you to assume that one day in the future, some kind of catastrophic event will actually lead to a breakdown of the law and order that we all enjoy in civilized society. Let’s also assume that this would create a civilization where we have to fend for ourselves and do all that we can to survive with the supplies that we have stockpiled or that we can scavenge from our surroundings.

In this scenario, you’ll find that most people haven’t been as diligent as you have and consequently, they have very little, if any emergency supplies available to them. When this happens, there will be looting, pillaging, rioting, and chaos in the streets.

Stay Alive after Doomsday by Becoming a Survival Ninja

There are just about as many strategies for staying alive in a doomsday scenario as there are survivalist and preppers preparing for such a day. With that being said, I think it’s safe to say that most serious preppers plan on staying at their house and surviving on their stockpile of supplies.

Regardless of their intentions or your intentions, there will likely come a time when you have to leave the safety of your home for one reason or another. This will be when you’ll be most vulnerable to the threats that will exist in this new type of civilization.

The key to maximizing your chances of staying alive in such a situation is to learn the art of being invisible to the people who intend to do you harm. Like the legendary ninjas of the past, you will need to learn to travel while drawing as little attention to yourself as you possibly can. Ideally, you’ll learn to move around without being detected at all.

If the evil doers of the world don’t see you, they can’t hurt you. So, if the key to staying safe in this type of a world is learning to become like ninjas and remain invisible to the people in our surroundings, what kind of skills do you need to have?

Our philosophy, and goal, if we ever find our family having to live in this type of a world is to stick to ourselves and avoid causing harm to anyone at all costs. This article isn’t about fighting with people who haven’t prepared for such a scenario. It is, rather about learning ways to avoid conflict altogether. I don’t like violence and my intention is to try to avoid violent encounters with outsiders at all costs.

I’ve compiled a list of some skills that our family plans to utilize should we ever have to leave our home in a doomsday scenario and venture into the world of “un-civilization”.

  • If Possible, Travel at Night – Remember, in this scenario that we are playing out, there will be people willing to hurt you for no other reason than to take your shiny new hiking boots. Traveling under the cover of darkness may give you the best chances of remaining undetected. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first is that most people will be sleeping at night and the second is that people just don’t see as well in the dark.
  • Master the Art of Blending In – If you haven’t read my article called Why the Smartest Preppers Try to Avoid Looking Like a Prepper, now would be a good time to do so. While I’m of the opinion that it will be best to travel at night when you are most likely to avoid encounters with people who are struggling to survive, you may not have the choice.

    You’ve probably done a lot to prepare for such a day which means that you will most likely have clothing that isn’t torn and tattered that you can wear. The important thing for you to keep in mind is that the vast majority of people who are struggling to survive will likely be wearing old, worn-out clothing that has stains on it from not being laundered. There’s a good chance that their faces and bodies will also be dirty from not having access to showers and bathing facilities.

    If you go out into the world looking like a shiny new penny, you’ll stand out like a sore thumb. The lesson to be learned here is that “IF” you have to leave the safety of your home and venture into the city, you should do all you can to look like everyone else so that you blend in. If you don’t, you’ll appear to them as someone who has supplies that would be worth stealing and you’ll become a target to looters.

  • Always Try to Stay Quiet – I’ve touched on this subject in my article called A Super Quiet Generator Can Help Protect You From Dangerous People. If you haven’t read that article yet, I highly suggest that you take time to do so after reading this one.

    The main thing to remember about this strategy is that you should do all you can to remain undetected. This includes avoiding engaging in any tasks that would cause a loud enough noise to give your location away to people who might intend to harm you. A good example of this would be if you have bugged out and left your home. In this case, you’ll likely be living at your prearranged bug out location which may include anything from a simple camp to an elaborate bug out bunker. The fewer people who know where you are, the safer you’ll be. The main point to remember is to stay quiet if you want to maximize your chances of remaining undetected.

  • A Fire Can Give Your Location Away – If you plan on using a fire to cook your food in this type of a survival situation, there are a few things that you should know. The first is that a fire at night time can be seen from quite a distance which will quickly give your location away. The next thing to keep in mind is that if you burn wood that isn’t extremely dry, your fire is going to put out a lot of smoke which will easily be detected from long distances. There’s a big difference between a signal fire which YOU WANT to put out a lot of smoke and a small fire that you just need for the purpose of cooking your meal.

    It might also be a good idea to get in the habit of extinguishing your campfire as quickly as possible after your meal has been prepared. One thing to remember is that if you pour water on your fire to extinguish it, it’s going to put out a lot of smoke which is what you’ll be trying to avoid. A better solution might be to keep your fires small and extinguish them with copious amounts of dry dirt. This will quickly smother the fire and minimize the amount of smoke that it puts out.

    Another advantage to only burning a fire when you have to is that people who might be traveling and passing by your location will be less likely to smell the smoke that’s coming from your fire. I understand that if this type of the scenario were to happen during the cold winter months, short fires that are quickly extinguished would be impractical. In this case, taking measures to ensure that you are only burning very dry wood and making sure that you keep your fire burning hot will minimize the amount of smoke that it puts out.

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  1. Togan Toganson says:

    How to travel? Will there be State-Police escorts taking caravans city-to-city ??? Or perhaps more heavily armed National-Guard sort of caravans ??? Will AM-Track be available or Greyhound-Bus, under armed-guard perhaps? I need to get from SW New Mexico (no water) to UP of Michigan (farm and spring water, and family and friends and arsenal). Will ANY commercial air-line service remain and be safe? (not likely). Travel by horse? Travel by bicycle? Seems like hitching-a-ride in an armed caravan would be safest.

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