Real Example of How Easily Mass Panic Can Set In

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Mass Panic InfoGraphicMany preppers already understand how easily mass panic can set in but today I’d like to share a short story with those nonbelievers out there. You might think that it would take a major natural disaster to cause chaos and panic but that’s just not the case. After reading this article, you’ll realize exactly how easily mass panic set in over a relatively minor incident.

This story involves an experience that my mother-in-law had in August of 2014. She happened to be shopping at a local grocery store when she received a text message. The message alerted her to the fact that the water supply in her area had recently tested positive for E. coli.

The local city officials said that this result didn’t necessarily mean that the entire water supply was contaminated but that it “could be”. Health officials made a statement advising residents that they should consider the water “unsafe to drink and take the appropriate precautions”.

Since my mother-in-law was already shopping, she figured that it might be a good idea to grab a couple cases of bottled water so she headed over to the appropriate isle. To her surprise, there was already a crowd of people who were filling their carts with cases of bottled water as fast as they could. In a matter of minutes, that particular store didn’t have any left on the shelves!

Just Imagine the Chaos That a Major Disaster Would Have Caused!

If a minor situation like this could cause people to go into frenzy mode and buy all the bottled water that they could get their hands on, just imagine what kind of chaos a major natural disaster might cause. The purpose of this article isn’t to teach you how to become prepared for emergencies or natural disasters but rather to convince you that it really doesn’t take much at all for mass chaos and panic to set in.

Whether you believe that a doomsday type scenario will take place at some point in the future or not, this story should encourage you to start storing the essential items that you might need during this type of situation. The basic essentials that you might want to store are water, food, and medical supplies.

Even if you are already believer in the importance of long term food storage, what could it possibly hurt to have extra bottled water stored at your house? You’ll probably drink it whether there’s a natural disaster or major emergency anyway, right? Likewise, what could it hurt to have a supply of extra food at your home and medical supplies?

Shocking News! Not Everyone Want’s to Be a Prepper!

Although it may be quite difficult for us “preppers” to wrap our minds around this concept, the majority of people don’t actually want to be considered preppers. This article is intended specifically for them. Hopefully if you fall into this category, you’ll realize that a minor event such as ONE test result that showed the existence of E. coli in a small town’s water supply led to consumers buying all the bottled water that was available in a matter of minutes.

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4 Responses to “Real Example of How Easily Mass Panic Can Set In”

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  1. PrepNow says:

    Prepping is HARD work. Storing the appropriate amount of water for each person in your family is HARD work. Storing and rotating gasoline is HARD work. Storing and rotating 1 month, 6 months, 1 year of food is HARD work.

    Now think of the hard work you should be doing now to prep yourself(ves) (at a pace you are comfortable with) and compare that to the realization of what you NOW have put aside. If the S.H.T.F. today or even a small “event” were to take place how would feel knowing that your family is going to suffer without the necessities to sustain life.

    It’s not that hard. Pace yourself so you are not overwhelmed. There are those who have a years supply of food, alternative energy sources, etc. Most likely you’ll never have as much as those who have been prepping for years but it is imperative to start NOW because tough times could & will be right around the corner (no matter how big or small the event).

    Food, water, secure shelter are the most important supplies you need to survive. Your goal should be three months supply, then six and so forth.

  2. messenger says:

    Common sense and reasoning escaped from this planet some time ago. It is a fact a vast portion of our populace lives by emotions instead of critical thinking. Panic feeds panic until it consumes all around it. God bless and thanks.

  3. The Wiseman says:


    I worked in Manhattan on the 14th floor of a downtown office building, with a very nice lady clerk who happened to be obese. She was my boss’s mother and a good relationship with her was critical to my job. For years I enjoyed such a relationship. Then one day, the building caught fire and the 14th floor was filled with smoke. Fire trucks arrived; the electricity went off and our floor was almost dark! The boss ordered the staff to evacuate via the emergency stairway. I was one of the last to leave, just behind my boss and his mom. I volunteered to help the boss get his obese mom down the 14 flights of stairs.

    Within minutes, we were the only people on the stairs! Everyone was far below us within minutes. Mom was having a lot of trouble taking steps down. Her son – my boss – was a small guy and struggled to help her. I took one arm, he took the next and held onto the bannister with his other hand. The smoke got thicker and thicker! We did not know the location of the fire – was it above us, or were we descending into the fire? Mom was so slow! This is when panic set in for me! Here was my mindset; I was actually considering dropping mom’s hand and running down the stairs to save myself! After all – it had taken us ten minutes to descend from the 14th floor to the 13th floor – at this rate we would not be at ground level for an hour! If the fire was below us and we were descending into it, we would all die! On the other hand, if the fire was above us, conditions would gradually get better as we descended, and we probably would reach the ground floor eventually. Luckily, the fire was above us on the 20th floor and not too serious. I held together, helped mom and my boss to reach the ground floor some 80 minutes later. (The firemen were ascending to the fire using a different staircase, so we saw no one all the way down)

    My gamble paid off; the boss and I got mom down safely; No one ever knew how close I had come to leaving them and making my unempeded way to ground level! The panic came from lack of critical decision-making information; the blessing came from God.

    • Patty Hahne says:

      Wow! Thanks for taking the time to share that story with us. I really appreciate it.

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