Breaking News on Rainwater Collection for Preppers

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Rainwater Harvesting InfographicIf you have always wanted to install a rainwater collection system at your home but you were afraid to because of the stories in recent years about people getting in trouble with the law for doing so, I have some good news for you! Until recently, many western states had laws that essentially meant that if you collected rainwater from your own roof, you were a common criminal!

Well, the good news is that several states have repealed these laws and rainwater harvesting is now actually legal! Utah is one state that has recently made changes to their law. As a matter of fact, they just had a special campaign where they ENCOURAGED homeowners to purchase rain barrels.

As part of this campaign, for a limited time, Utah residents could purchase rainwater collection barrels for only $40 each. Zach Frankel, the Executive Director of the Utah Rivers Council made a statement where he said, “We sold out of our $40 barrels in the first 14 hours”.

If you live in Utah, you may have to register with the state in order to collect rainwater but the registration process can be done online and it’s quite simple. All you have to do is enter your name, the location where you’ll be collecting rain water, and the size of your cistern in a simple form.

It’s no secret that I think all preppers should have a rainwater harvesting system installed at their home if at all possible. Due to the news media airing stories about people getting in trouble with the law, I feared that a lot of preppers would be reluctant to implement this type of a water collection strategy.

Many western states are experiencing extreme drought conditions so even if you aren’t a prepper, I personally think it’s still a great idea to collect and store rain water that can be used for things like watering gardens, plants, and lawns. If you aren’t already doing so, NOW would be a great time to start!

Make Sure You Check with Your Local Officials

As mentioned above, Utah is now allowing the storage of rain water but there are restrictions and procedures that need to be followed. If you would like to set up a system to store rainwater where you live, be sure that you take the time to check with your local governing officials to ensure that you are in compliance with any rules or restrictions.

The last thing that the prepping community needs is to draw more bad publicity to ourselves by breaking any laws that might be on the books. There are plenty of people out there who already think that we’re a bunch of wacko’s. Collecting rainwater is a good thing in my opinion, but make sure that you play by the rules.


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