Want a Chance to PROVE Your Survival Skills on TV?

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Survival TV Show InfographicAs I’ve mentioned before, from time to time, I receive emails asking me if I would like to be on TV shows like Doomsday Preppers. Each time I’ve received an invitation to appear on a television program like this, I have politely declined.

The idea of being on TV just doesn’t appeal to me but who knows, that may change in the future. Nothing is out of the realm of possibilities.

I’m actually working on a series of videos that I’ll be posting on my YouTube channel soon. This will be a big step outside of my comfort zone! If you’d like to be notified when I start posting YouTube videos about subjects like prepping, survival, homesteading, and food storage, I invite you to sign up for weekly Preppers Illustrated email updates by entering your email address in the form below. You’ll get my weekly updates as well as notifications when I post videos that are produced from the perspective of a woman who also happens to be a grandma!

Today I received an email from Christina Calisi, a Casting Associate Producer with Leftfield Entertainment. She informed me that they are a production company that creates programs for networks such as Discovery, History Channel, National Geographic, and A&E. I’m not really interested in participating but I thought that some of you might be.

What Type of People Are They Looking For?

They are working on what Christina describes as a “docu-series” where they ask survivalists the question, “how long could you survive alone in the wilderness?” They’ll be providing those who choose to accept their challenge with an opportunity to try their hand at surviving in the wilderness completely alone, armed only with the supplies that they can carry on their backs.

They’re looking for people who not only want the chance to test their wilderness survival skills but people who are also willing to document their experiences. The email specifically said, “No gimmicks. No film crew. No games“. I can only assume that this means that they will be providing participants with video recording equipment that they’ll use to document their journey.

This seems to be a little different than many survival television programs that I’ve seen. Many of them provide a film crew who can step in and provide assistance to the contestants in an emergency. If this program actually airs on TV, it sounds like it will be pretty hard core.

If you think you might have what it takes and you are interested in participating in this television experiment, you can apply online here: go.mycastingnet.com/Apply/Show/LastSurvivor2.

Let Me Know if You Decide to Try Out

I’d be really interested in knowing if any of the readers of Preppers Illustrated actually apply to be on the show. Please leave your name in the comments section below so I can be sure to watch the program when they show your episode!

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