A Very Handy Prepping Product for Your Smartphone!

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Prepper Smartphone CaseOne thing that nearly all preppers have in common is that we try to be prepared for as many possible scenarios as we can. While this usually involves storing things like food, water, and medical supplies, we can’t help the fact that our desire to prep spills over into other parts of our lives.

Preppers often focus on having backup supplies or backup plans. Today I’ll be talking about a product that I absolutely love that you might not think about when it comes to prepping but I really think you should. There aren’t very many of us today who don’t own a smartphone. Prepping is all about being prepared and having the ability to communicate at a moments notice is very important.

There’s no doubt that cell phones can do so much more than they could ever do in the past but along with that added functionality comes one big problem. Their battery charges just don’t last very long. It seems like about everywhere I go, I see someone tethered to an electrical outlet while they are talking on their phone and letting it charge.

I admit that I’ve had this happen to me many times myself so recently I started thinking about this problem through the eyes of a prepper and I decided to seek out a solution to my dilemma. I’m very pleased to report that I found a really cool product that I can highly recommend and so far it’s working amazingly well for me.

The product that I’m talking about is so cool that I can’t believe I didn’t know about it before now. It’s a cell phone case that doubles as an extra battery. The one that I bought was called the mophie juice pack air for iPhone 6. If you don’t happen to own an iPhone, mophie has products that work with other phones as well. Click Here to See Models That Work with Other Devices.

This product is a really big deal for iPhone users because as you may know, it’s not possible to just carry around an extra battery for an iPhone. The batteries on these devices are built into the phones so when they run out, you either have to find someplace to charge them or have a product like the one that I’m writing about today.

I just contacted Apple through their online chat support and they told me that the standard battery that comes equipped with the iPhone 6 is rated at 1,810mAh (milliamps). Milliamps is the term used to describe how much energy a battery has the capacity to store. Depending upon how you use your phone, you can deplete your battery pretty quickly which means that if you ever need to use it for an emergency, you may find yourself with a useless phone since you won’t be able to make a call when the battery is dead. This goes against everything that preppers believe in and stand for!

What is so cool about this product is that it is a cell phone case that has a backup battery built right into it but its battery is even bigger than the one that is built into the phone itself. It’s equipped with a 2,750mAh battery. You don’t have to be a mathematician to see that this more than doubles the capacity of the battery for my phone which is absolutely perfect for someone like me who is constantly thinking about my backup plan.

They even have models that have more capacity than this one. The juice pack plus has a storage capacity of 3,300mAh and the juice pack ultra has a capacity of 3,950mAh!

mophie juice pack air button

Here’s How the Product Works

Your phone simply slides into the case and there’s a little connector that plugs into the charging port. Then, all you have to do is plug the supplied micro USB cord into the charging case when you want to charge your phone. It uses a really cool technology where the phone will actually charge first and then the case will begin to charge once the phone is at 100% capacity.

Now, here’s the cool part. If you’re ever out and about and you find yourself needing to make a phone call but your battery is dead, all you have to do is flip the little switch on the back of the case and it will instantly start charging your phone! You can even use your phone while it’s charging just like you would if you had it plugged into a wall outlet or USB port on a computer.

How Does It Work in the Real World?

I’m extremely happy with this product and like I said before, I highly recommend it. A couple of extra bonuses to this particular smartphone charging case are that it adds a little more substance to the phone so I feel like I have something more robust to hold onto. It also adds some protection in the event that I should happen to drop it.

Additionally, it seems to charge my phone quite quickly which I didn’t expect. The bottom line is that I’m extremely happy with it and I think it’s a very practical product for anyone with the prepper mindset. When I bought mine, the price was $99.95 which may seem a bit steep but it was extremely easy for me to justify spending the money on it. After all, it’s not just a cell phone case. It’s a product that provides me with the peace of mind of knowing that I’ll always be able to make a call in an emergency even if my phone’s battery is drained. In my opinion, you can’t put a price on having this kind of reassurance.

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