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If you’ve been prepping for any length of time, you know that good planning is extremely important for any prepper. Part of emergency preparedness planning is realizing that there may come a time when your plans need to be changed.

All preppers know that a major catastrophe may make it necessary to bug out and leave your home at a moments notice. We, of course, have a well thought out bug out plan but we’ve recently decided to “modify” that plan a bit.

We have a pre-planned bug out location but we’ve recently been wondering what we would do if we arrived at that location and discovered that it had been compromised and wasn’t safe.

This prompted us to start thinking that the next best option for us would be to have a way to be able to stay mobile. As I discussed this idea with my husband, together we came to the conclusion that we would build a bug out vehicle (BOV).

As we discussed what kind of vehicle to start with as a platform, we decided that a pickup with a camper shell would be our vehicle of choice. We don’t have a lot of money to spend on the build so we settled in a very clean 1994 Toyota T100 pickup truck with low miles.

If you’re not familiar with the T100, it was Toyota’s first full sized truck. Prior to that, they had a firm foothold in the compact truck world but we felt like a compact pickup would be too small for our needs.

Below are some of the reasons we chose this vehicle.

  • It has four wheel drive so we have more options available to us in terms of where we can travel if we ever have to bug out.
  • It can tow a trailer stocked with additional supplies.
  • It has a full size 8′ bed.
  • It has a camper shell on it so we can sleep in the bed while we’re on the move.
  • We’ve had very good luck with Toyota’s being reliable vehicles for our family in the past.

Be Sure to Check This Article Frequently for Updates

The purpose of this article is to just give you all a heads up to stay tuned as we transform a stock pickup into a practical BOV. Prepper vehicles are becoming more and more popular and we think you’ll enjoy seeing what we have planned for this truck.

We’ve already finished our first project on it and I’ll be posting an article about that soon. As we continue to add what we feel are useful and practical accessories and/or modifications to the truck, I’ll write articles and include links to them in this article.

So, if you want to follow our progress, you can always pop in and check out this article for new links.

Projects Completed So Far:

  1. Check out the New Yakima Products on Our BOV Build

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Who knows, our project may even inspire some of you to build bug out vehicles of your own!

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  1. James Madison says:

    I appreciate you sharing your insights, goals, and lessons learned in building a BOV. I’ve been working on mine for a while, a little bit at a time due to financial constraints and the fact that this is my sole vehicle. Since my vehicle qualifies in my state (25 years old or more), reliability is a priority. We all know that the media will suppress any information of the extent of government oppression, I consider alternative comms to be very important, so I have gathered the parts to equip my BOV with scanner, CB, and 2 meter HAM capabilities. You need to know if checkpoints have been set up so you can avoid them.

    I will be happy to share my priorities and experiences in my upgrading my old PU to a viable BOV. I also encourage others to share your experiences, including mistakes made. Please save us from making the same mistakes. Thank you for participating!

    • James Madison says:

      Since I can’t simply edit my post, my vehicle qualifies in my state as an antique (25 years or older). It’s in good shape for it’s age, but attention must be given to all reliability factors.

  2. James Madison says:

    I also recommend a DC to AC inverter (at least 400 watts) and at least one aux. battery.

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