Wiebe Knives – Skinning Knives for When You Need a Razor Sharp Edge

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Wiebe Knives Razor SharpI recently received an interesting email from a company called Wiebe Knives asking me if I would be willing to do a gear review for them. I hadn’t heard about this company so I popped on over to their website to see what they had to offer.

It didn’t take me long to decide that I was intrigued and I quickly replied to the company saying that I would love to test their knives and review them on Preppers Illustrated.

I asked them to send me two of their knives to test and a couple of weeks later I received them in the mail. As you may already know, I don’t write reviews for products I don’t like and I won’t try to pull the wool over my reader’s eyes.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I didn’t pay for these knives but what you’re about to read is my honest opinion of them.

What Are Wiebe Knives?

This company sells knives that they call “Skinning Knives”. I have to admit that at first, I really wondered how useful a skinning knife would be for prepping. After all, many preppers like knives that are typically multi-purpose. As a matter of fact, my husband and I usually carry a multi-tool.

Having said that, I actually think Wiebe knives do have a place in prepping but not as a bushcrafting multi-purpose type of knife. These knives are going into our bug out bags to serve one function. They will be used when we need a clean sharp blade for delicate tasks like skinning game.

I asked Wiebe to send me their Arctic Fox and Vixen models for this review. Both of these knives are folders but what I love about these knives is that you NEVER have to sharpen them!

Before you start thinking that I’m selling some kind of snake oil, hear me out. The reason you don’t have to sharpen them is because the blades are actually replaceable. They’re not only replaceable, they’re cheap!

At the time that this article was written, you could buy 12 blades for $5.95, 50 blades for $19.95 or 100 blades for $29.95. Both knives sell for $34.95 each.

On the Wiebe website, the blades are referred to as “Wiebe Wicked-Sharp Replacement Blades”. Here’s a brief quote about what the company says about their blades in the instruction booklet:

“Slitting and slicing is what these knives should ONLY be used for! Do not put sideways pressure on the cutting blade. Do not use excessive force to cut through tough materials. You should not use this knife to whittle or carve. If you would do any of these, the blade will break oesnap off.”

So, to put it quite simply these are folding pocket knives that use sharp scalpel-like replacement blades. Also each knife comes with a nylon carrying pouch and 24 individually sealed blades.

My Thoughts on Each Knife

First things first. Of the two knives I received, I prefer the look of the Vixen over the Arctic Fox. In terms of actual functionality, I prefer the way the Arctic Fox feels in my hand.

As I told you, honesty is important to me so I’ll tell you that at first I didn’t really like the Arctic Fox because the blade was really tight and didn’t open smoothly. My husband looked at it and noticed that the bolt that the blade pivots on had a Torx head so he loosened it just a tiny bit and now it’s very easy to open.

Both knives have liner locks so you can release the locking mechanism and close the blade with one hand. The belt pouch that the Arctic Fox comes with holds about 10 blades and the Vixen belt pouch holds about 24 blades.

When I hold each knife in my hand, I don’t feel like I’m holding a $200 folder. I feel like I’m holding a no frills compact knife that will do the job it’s intended to do. That’s just fine with me since I happen to believe that functionality is more important than aesthetics.

Why These Knives Made the Preppers Illustrated Cut

I’m not writing this article to say that these knives feel like a finely engineered piece of art when I hold them. I’m writing it for one reason and one reason only. The blades are sharp, easy to change and I can carry multiple replacement blades in the belt pouch. I won’t be reaching for my Wiebe knife for chores like carving tent stakes. Instead, mine will be stashed back for occasions when I have the need for a sharp skinning type blade.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure I’ll use this knife for much more than just skinning. I just won’t be using it for the same types of camp chores that a bushcraft knife might be used for. That’s NOT a bad thing in my opinion. Bushcraft knives tend to get used pretty hard at camp so it would be extremely difficult to maintain an edge on one that is as sharp as a Wiebe blade that is just out of the wrapper.

Each blade is individually packaged in a sealed foil-like wrapper. I can’t find anything on the Wiebe website as to whether or not the blades are actually classified as “sterile” in the package but I’m sure they are much cleaner than most general purpose camp knives.

I really like the knives that Wiebe sent me and I WILL use them. So often, I find myself cringing when I use the knife on my multi-tool because I know that if I use it, the razor sharp edge that my husband put on it will become a little more dull.

I often worry about what I’ll do if I need a blade with a razor sharp edge but mine is dull because I just used it for something like whittling. Now, I can use my other knives for camp chores without worrying because I know that I’ll always have my Wiebe folding knife ready and waiting in the event that I do need a really sharp skinning type blade.

If you’re interested in buying any Wiebe products, you can check out their website at wiebeknives.com.

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