You Really Should Change Your Laces to 550 Paracord Immediately

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Why you should replace your boot laces with 550 paracordHere’s a quick and handy tip for all of my prepper friends out there. If you want to have a good source of cordage with you at all times, you should take a few minutes and replace your boot laces with 550 paracord!

Most of you already know what this is but for those of you who are new to prepping, let me explain what 550 paracord actually is. It’s a lightweight nylon cord that was once used as the lines to connect a parachute to the parachute harness. It’s called “550 paracord” because it has a breaking strength of 550 lbs which makes it extremely strong for how thin it is.

This lightweight and relatively thin (about 4 mm in diameter) nylon cord has numerous uses in survival. Almost too many to mention! One of the neat things about this particular type of rope is that the hollow outer sheath has seven two ply strands inside of it. You can remove these inner strands and use them for a variety of survival purposes.

Today’s tip is to remove the lightweight boot laces that come with your hiking boots and replace them with this super strong 550 paracord. I like to use a butane lighter to melt the ends of this nylon cord after I cut it to prevent the ends from fraying. I also like to make the new boot laces much longer than the laces that originally came with my boots.

I lace them up like normal but I wrap the extra length of cord around the top of my boots a couple of times before tying them. It takes a bit longer to tie my boots this way but I like the fact that I always have some extra cordage with me when I’m in the woods.

What’s Your Favorite Use For 550 Paracord?

Like I mentioned, preppers just love this particular type of cordage! Please leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite use for 550 paracord is!

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  1. Davey says:

    Great idea! I like to use it for tying things to my bug out pack. It’s lightweight and strong so I can use it for other things like making a shelter if I have to.

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