Should You Tell People About Your Emergency Supplies?

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Emergency SuppliesWhether or not to tell people about your emergency supplies is a subject that is often hotly debated among preppers.

Depending on who you talk to, you’ll get answers that are on both ends of the spectrum. Today we’ll be taking a look at both sides of this issue as I see them but ultimately the decision will rest with you.

Let’s kick this off by talking about some of the reasons why it might be a good idea to let your neighbors know that you are a serious prepper.

  1. If you speak openly with your neighbors about the steps that you and your family are taking to prepare for a major emergency, you might inspire them to start doing some prepping of their own. During an emergency situation or a natural disaster, they will be less likely to try and steal your supplies if they have their own.
  2. If your neighbors know that you have a good cache of emergency supplies built up, they may be interested in engaging in some kind of trading or bartering with you during a real emergency. They just might end up having something that you and your family desperately need.
  3. If your neighbors know that you have emergency supplies stashed back and that you’re willing to share with them, they may become a valuable asset to you if the need arises for you to have to defend your cache from marauders and looters. Remember, there’s strength in numbers and the more people you have to help defend against your supplies being stolen, the better chance you’ll have of holding onto them.
  4. In the event of a breakdown in society that results in hyperinflation or extreme shortages, those who have a good supply of tangible commodities will be the wealthy ones. It won’t matter how big your house is, how prestigious your job is, or how fancy your cars are. Just like in prison, those who have the supplies also have the power. If your neighbors know that you have supplies, this may place you in the unique position of power and you can use this power to help ensure that your family not only survives but thrives when times become tough.

Now let’s take a minute and talk about why you might choose not to tell your neighbors about the steps that your family has taken to prepare.

  1. If the people who live near you know that you are well supplied for emergencies and they are not, they may try to steal your supplies. You may think that this would never happen because you live in a nice area and you have nice neighbors but when people are watching their children go hungry, you can count on them resorting to measures that they would normally consider unfathomable.
  2. If your neighbors don’t take the time to prepare, they may end up banding together with other neighbors who also didn’t prepare properly. This could mean that you’ll have a much more difficult time defending your stash of supplies if they should come banging on your door and demanding a hand out.
  3. People tend to talk and the more people who know about your supplies, the bigger chance that your stash will become a target when the s&^* eventually hits the fan.

Here’s Our Family’s Strategy

I have to admit that I have mixed feelings about what the best course of action to take might be for our family. That said, we has chosen to include our neighbors in our emergency preparedness prepping. The reason we have made this decision is that we would rather work a bit harder now to ensure that we to have enough supplies to share so that our neighbors will become our allies in helping to defend our stash. Having them as our allies is much more appealing than have to worry about them becoming desperate and attempting to steal our vital supplies.

The idea of sharing our supplies also “feels” like the right thing to do to me and my husband. I would hate to see my neighbors around me suffering if there was something that we could do to help them.

3-8-2012 Update: Interestingly enough, the feedback that I’ve received on Twitter about this article is that it’s best to keep tight lipped about what you have stockpiled. So far, I haven’t received any feedback from people who share my way of thinking. This definitely has me wondering if telling my neighbors is a good thing to do or not.

4-15-2012 Update: Based on some good advice that I’ve received since publishing this article, our personal plan will be a hybrid of the strategies described above. We’ll be talking to our neighbors about the importance of prepping for emergencies but we we’ll have a few tricks up our sleeves so to speak. As for the other part of our strategy, let’s just say that we won’t be showing all of our cards to everyone. I’m sorry but that’s all I’m comfortable saying about this. This means that for the sake of being a good prepper, we won’t be revealing all of details about our prepping strategy here or anywhere else. Don’t worry though, that doesn’t mean that we still won’t be providing your daily dose of helpful prepping information.

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