Why Every Prepper Should Stock Up on Zip Ties Immediately

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Learn why every prepper should have a supply of zip ties!Today we’re going to be talking about one of my favorite prepping supplies and they are the amazingly handy plastic zip ties! If you don’t know what a zip tie is or you’ve never used one, you’re really missing out.

Basically a zip tie is a really cool fastener that is usually made of flexible plastic. It has a bunch of little ribs running cross ways on it and the other end has the locking mechanism. If you thread the pointy end of the zip tie into the end with the locking mechanism, it will form a loop that doesn’t back out. The tighter you pull the pointy end, the tighter the loop will get.

They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You can get very tiny thin ones for delicate applications or you can get extremely heavy duty zip ties that are virtually indestructible.

There are probably hundreds of uses for zip ties when it comes to prepping. Basically anything that you would normally bundle together with tape, string, or wire can be quickly and securely bundled with a zip tie.

Some of My Favorite Uses For Zip Ties

  • Securing bundles such as wires together tightly
  • Making emergency repairs around the house
  • Tying plants to a stake to keep them supported while they grow
  • Sealing garbage bags closed
  • Making emergency handcuffs
  • Securing items to a backpack frame
  • Arts and crafts
  • Emergency shoelaces
  • Hanging home decor items
  • Temporary child safety locks to prevent curious little fingers from opening things that they shouldn’t
  • Temporary key ring
  • Keeping clothing items rolled tightly in bug out bags
  • Hanging things from trees when making emergency shelters
  • Constructing snares

Reusable Zip Ties

Most of the time, these little gadgets are designed for one time use only. By that I mean that once you insert the pointy end into the locking mechanism, they are very difficult to get loosened up again. The tighter you pull the pointy end, the tighter the loop gets. Most people simply cut them off when they are done using them. That being said, you can purchase some that are reusable. The reusable ones are designed with a release mechanism so you can release the tension on them and use them over and over again.

Use Metal Zip Ties For Heavy Applications

For those heavy duty applications, you can even buy metal zip ties. These would be perfect if you are using them for long term solutions to your fastening needs. You can even buy stainless steel zip ties so they can be used outside without you having to worry that they might rust out.

Share Your Favorite Use for Zip Ties

I’ve shared some of my favorite uses for these handy little fasteners. Now, how about sharing some of your favorite uses. Just leave them in the comment form below!

Where To Buy Zip Ties

You can get the common plastic variety at virtually any big box retail store. If you are looking for the more robust stainless steel variety, you may have to purchase them online.

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