Do You Have a Safe Place to Bug Out with Your Family?

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A lot of people spend a considerable amount of time worrying about where they would go if they ever have to bug out bug out land infographicduring a major disaster.

While I was watching the new Doomsday Bunkers show on TV last night, I couldn’t help but think that most people probably don’t own prepper property that they can go to if they need to bug out.

This mean’s that when the time comes, they’ll end up wandering aimlessly looking for a suitable place to take refuge.

If you don’t get anything else from this article, I hope you’ll get this – The time to find a safe bug out land is NOW because if things get really bad, it will be too late!

Most people these days can barely afford to buy a house so they think that owning some property that they can build a bug out shelter on is way out of their price range.

While I was thinking about this dilemma last night, I felt compelled to let people know that there are actually still some places in the United States where people can find prepper property for sale that is actually quite affordable.

About 13 years ago, my husband and I were spending a lot of our time talking about how important it was for us to find a way to buy some rural land so that we could start doing a better job of preparing for a major emergency. That was when we stumbled upon the land that we ended up buying and moving onto.

You need to understand that we never thought we would be able to afford this kind of land until we found a deal that seemed almost too good to be true. Are your ready for this?

You can actually buy a 1-3 acre parcel of land in Southern Oregon for around $500 down and your monthly payments could be as low as $150!

How Is This Possible?

The guy who sells this land is a friend of mine named Michael Long. He and his wife have been selling remote land like this since the mid 1980’s. That’s a long time to be doing this and I think the main reason he’s been so successful at it is because of the way he chooses to do business with people.

He’s made his living by making it easy for people to be able to buy this kind of land regardless of whether they have bad credit or even no credit established at all. People who buy land from him don’t even need to submit to a credit check! All they need to do is come up with enough money to pay the down payment, be at least 18 years of age so they can legally sign a land sales contract, and make their payments each month.

Why This Land Would Be an Ideal Place To Bug Out

Lot 18.37aMany of the lots that Michael sells are very remote.

Some of them don’t have neighbors for miles. Some of them are in the mountains and surrounded by trees while others are at lower elevations. All of them are located in the country which, if you ask me, is the ideal place to build a bug out shelter.

Since the lots are in rural Oregon, there’s an abundance of natural resources available for use during a major disaster or a breakdown in civilized society. There’s plenty of fire wood for cooking and staying warm. There are several rivers and streams that can supply fish for eating. There’s also an abundance of wildlife such as deer, rabbits, squirrels, grouse, and quail that could be hunted to supply meat to feed your family.

Michael is a really easy guy to do business with. He’s easy to talk to and quite friendly and he’s very willing to take the time to talk with you and answer any questions that you might have.

The fact that the monthly payments for this land are so low means that buying a lot that you can use as your bug out location is affordable enough for nearly all budgets.

Special Offer: I’ve negotiated an exclusive deal with Micheal so that I can offer a special discount to the readers of If you fill out the form below, and mention the promo code “Preppers Illustrated” when you inquire about buying a lot, he’ll give you a $200 discount!

If you don’t have a good place of your own that you can go to when the time comes that you need to bug out, I highly suggest that you fill out the form below to learn more about this special opportunity! If the day every comes when bugging out is your only option, you’ll be glad that you did.

Fill Out The Form Below To Learn More About This Bug Out Land

Special Privacy Notice: By filling out this form and providing your contact information, you understand and agree that this information will be passed on to the person who is actually selling this beautiful Oregon land. This land is being sold by Michael Long and not the owner of this website. Your contact information will be provided to the seller so that he may contact you and provide you with more information or answer any questions that you may have about the land.

If you do not agree to allow the owner of to provide your contact information to the seller of the land, please do not use the form below.

Disclosure: I will receive financial compensation from the seller of this property if you purchase a lot after filling out the form below. The seller pays me a commission for referring customers to him. Furthermore, If you tell the owner that you learned about the land that he is selling from, I’ll also receive a referral fee.

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  1. BillC says:

    Just discovered your site. It’s looking very useful and fun.

    Thoughts on a Bug-out location:

    Choose carefully. I would try to choose a location I could reach in about 1 to 2 tanks of gas in my planned bug-out vehicle. To my thinking, it’d be nice to own that patch of land in Southern Oregon, but it’s not a viable bug-out location if you live in, say San Diego.

    Someone out there right now is saying, “Dude! What are you talking about? My Subaru Outback gets like, 33 mpg on the highway. I can make Klamath falls easy with just a 5 gallon can of gas along!”

    In theory, yes. With 18.5 gallons of fuel and getting onto the highway at a steady speed for most of the trip you probably could reach Klamath falls by only adding 5-8 gallons of gas to that tank. On a 3 day weekend holiday trip.

    But let’s consider SHTF situations. Even assuming that you’re “heads up” on the situation and pull the pin early to avoid the worst of the exodus you have to account for the following:
    1. Load – your vehicle is going to be heavily laden with bug out/survival supplies. And people.

    2. Traffic – the fuel killer – if you’re on the road at the same time as 400,000 other people trying to exit the city it’ll look like a bad Monday commute. It doesn’t have to be gridlock either. Just a lot of traffic on your route can keep your speeds down below optimum and force you to keep changing throttle settings (speed up/slow down).

    3. Weather – foul weather will slow you down. It also increases odds of an accident tying up your route or causing traffic jams.

    4. Vehicle condition – Were you thinking it was time for a tune-up next month? Or getting new tires? Is the timing belt due for replacement (or fan belts)? These can hurt fuel mileage and/or cause a breakdown.

    5. Physical & mental condition – You have to think about your alertness, stamina, health and that of your passengers. Someone with a bladder infection will likely feel the need to stop frequently. If you have a cold or are just over the flu, you’re not going to be in great shape for a long, stressful excursion. If conditions force you to bug out at night or the wee hours of the morning, once things settle down fatigue will be brutal and probably affect everyone’s mental alertness (plus their temper, patience etc.).

    6. Road conditions – Other than weather, if there is a disaster or incident that covers a wide area your preferred route may not be open. Just as bad is highway construction.

    7. Fuel & services availability – Certain events that cover broad areas may cut off power and/or phone lines. You may not be able to purchase fuel with a plastic card or pay for towing and repair without phone lines working. No power means no fuel as a rule, even if you have a long siphon hose and a hand crank pump.

    You’ll be moving a vehicle with (hopefully) one or more others with you, plus bug-out bags and any extra equipment or belongings you think important to bring along. It the worst type of events, you might even be pulling a trailer – cargo or camping trailer. Take your vehicle’s lowest MPG rating and deduct another 20-25% to be pessimistic. For a Subaru Outback, that’s about 22 mpg less 25%, so figure only 16.5 MPG. This accounts for traffic, construction or detours, lower speeds or a trailer. Now your max-range is only 305 miles (actually about 260 miles before you start hunting fuel).

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