Paper Plates Have a Place in Preparing for Emergencies

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Why preppers should stock up on paper platesWhen it comes to preparing for emergencies, it can sometimes be difficult to anticipate exactly what you’ll need to survive with in an emergency situation. As preppers, we try to plan for every possible scenario so today’s article is intended to help you prepare in a way that you might not have thought about before.

Two things that everyone needs in order to survive are food and water. Regardless of what type of scenario you are trying to survive in, you’ll have to eat and you’ll have to drink. Most preppers go to great lengths to build up their food storage supplies which covers the need to eat. On the other hand, not many people are fortunate enough to have a situation where they can store hundreds, if not thousands of gallons of water to be used during an emergency.

Our family happens to believe that more is better when it comes to storing water. One thing that some preppers might overlook is that they will need water for drinking, personal hygiene, watering their animals, watering their gardens, and doing dishes. This means that if you have stored water with the mindset that its primary purpose will be for drinking, you’re probably not going to have enough of it if you find yourself having to survive for very long without access to a clean water supply.

One Way to Save Water during an Emergency

You’re definitely going to need to have a certain amount of water to drink each day. Depending upon your level of physical activity, your health condition, the outside temperature, and your individual metabolism, you may need much more water than you would anticipate. For example, if you find yourself having to survive when it’s 100° outside, you’ll need to drink more water than if it’s a comfortable 65°.

With this in mind, our family has made the decision to stockpile a large supply of paper plates. Our logic behind this is that if we use paper plates instead of regular glass plates, we won’t have to use any of our precious water supply to wash the plates off after we use them. If you purchase paper plates in bulk, they don’t cost much and this eliminates one more chore that you have to worry about during a doomsday survival scenario.

One thing to keep in mind is that they don’t take up much storage space and they’re much more convenient than using glass plates in an emergency situation. Since they stack so tightly together, you can store hundreds of them in a very small space. Another advantage that many people might not think of is that they could be used as fire starters after you have used them to eat off of. With this in mind, we are storing up actual paper plates and not the thin plastic versions since we don’t like the idea of burning plastic. Of course, everyone’s plans for surviving doomsday are different but as for me and my family, we plan on making use of paper plates to eat off of and saving our precious water supply for other purposes.

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