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Hi there! My name is Patty Hahne (pronounced “Haw-Knee”) and I’m the author of this website. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering things like:

  • How do I get starting preparing for emergencies?
  • What should I REALLY be stockpiling?
  • How can I build my food storage supplies up without going broke?
  • How will I survive if a major natural disaster ever occurs where I live?
  • What will I do if I have to abandon my home and bug out with my family?
  • Do you even know what it means to “bug out”?
  • How will I be able to live without electricity and running water?
  • How will I possibly ever be prepared enough?

…or if you just want to learn how to be a better prepper in general, you’re definitely in the RIGHT PLACE!

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A Little Information about Me

Patty HahneIf you’re new around here, let me take a minute and introduce myself. As I already mentioned, my name is Patty and I’m extremely passionate about prepping! Don’t know what a prepper is? Well, we’re a bunch of people who, for various reasons, feel strongly about emergency preparedness and do all that we can to be prepared.

Let me tell you a few things about myself. About 15 years ago, I left the chaos of city life and moved into the woods in Southern Oregon. We went from having every convenience within a few miles of our house to living 40 minutes from town. Not only that! We went off the grid as well! This is what got me interested in prepping.

While listening to my co-workers complaining when their power was out for a few short hours, I realized that I was already living a “prepper’s lifestyle”. I just didn’t know it yet. Once I realized that, I became much more interested in prepping and I believe that my experience living off the grid gives me a unique perspective that a lot of other people who write about prepping just don’t have.

A few years ago, we moved to a different part of the forest and we’re really spoiled now because we have running water, electricity, and we even have toilets that ACTUALLY flush! Even though we’re not living off the grid anymore, we’re still prepping. I hope some of you can learn from the experiences our family had while we were living in a way that we may have to live again someday if a doomsday scenario ever changes life as we know it.

I’m also a full time working mother of five children, although only one of them is still living at home. I’m a very proud grandma as well! Who knew that being a grandma could be so much fun?

I’m the author of three eBooks. Two of them are available on Amazon.com. Read on to find out how you can get my latest eBook called, “165 Items That Preppers Might Forget to Store with Their Emergency Supplies” absolutely FREE!

I’m also the author a paperback book that is basically the marriage of my first two eBooks into one handy paperback book.

If you would like to read them, here are some links to where you can purchase them on Amazon.

In the spring of 2016 my second paperbook book was published. If you would like to buy a copy, it’s available on Amazon under the title, The Pocket Guide to Prepping Supplies – More Than 200 Items You Can’t Be Without.

Other Places My Writing Has Been Featured

In addition to the eBooks and paperback book that I have written, my writing has been featured in a paperback book that is titled “The Ultimate Preppers’s Guide – How to Make Sure the End of the World as We Know It Isn’t the End of Your World”.

I also have some very exciting news! My publisher has recently agreed to publish my second paperback book. I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag just yet but be sure to sign up for my weekly email updates so you don’t miss the big announcement about when my new book becomes available!

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