Why Your Emergency Generator Won’t Start in the Winter

generator wont startSo, you’ve been diligent about starting your generator on a regular basis, you’ve kept fuel stabilizer in the tank, and then one cold winter day you go out to fire up your generator and it just won’t start. You might be wondering what you did wrong so let me take a minute and explain what might be going on.

During the 8 plus years that our family lived off the grid our only source of electricity was a generator. Starting certain types of generators in the winter can be a real bear at times. Even our nice Honda EU2000i was often difficult to start during really cold temperatures.

We can’t predict when we’ll need to rely on our emergency generator which is why it’s so important that you read and understand the information in this article.

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Follow Our Exciting Bug Out Vehicle Build!

If you’ve been prepping for any length of time, you know that good planning is extremely important for any prepper. Part of emergency preparedness planning is realizing that there may come a time when your plans need to be changed.

All preppers know that a major catastrophe may make it necessary to bug out and leave your home at a moments notice. We, of course, have a well thought out bug out plan but we’ve recently decided to “modify” that plan a bit.
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How to Practice Bug Out Drills Without Scaring Your Children

bug out drillsAs preppers, we all know that there may come a day when we find ourselves in a situation when we have to quickly grab our bug out bags, load our kids and pets into our car and head for the high country.

You know that this may happen, you prepare by putting bug out bags together, but have you ever wondered how long it would actually take you to go through these steps in a real emergency?

Think about the last time you tried to get everyone ready to go on a family outing. If you’re like most families, the task of making sure that you have everything you need and getting everyone loaded into the car can be monumental.
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Is the Wicked Edge Knife Sharpening System Worth the Money?

Wicked Edge Field and SportIn our family, my husband has always been the knife sharpener. I’ve watched him sharpen knife after knife by hand over the 23 years that we’ve been married and recently I started thinking that there has to be a better way. He would spend hours working to get a razor sharp edge on his knives and I just couldn’t see the point. My thoughts were, why should something that seems so simple take so long?

When I asked him why it takes so long to get a really good edge on a knife he said, “The hardest part is keeping the angle of the knife the same with each stroke across the stone.” I tried it and I must say that I’m not really a fan of sharpening by hand with a wet stone.
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