Useful Emergency Communications Products For Preppers

Emergency Communication Products For PreppersOne of the first services that often go down during natural disasters and emergencies are the phone lines. When the phone lines go down, cell phone networks quickly become overloaded and are of little use. Depending upon the nature of the emergency, it’s not unlikely that the entire cell phone system would go down and stay down.

Have you given much thought to how you would communicate if your house phone and your cell phone suddenly didn’t work? If you haven’t, it’s about time that you do.

Today we’ll be discussing some of the emergency communication products that are on the market and hopefully when you’re finished reading this article, you’ll take action and become a little more prepared in this area.
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Prepare Yourself To Survive Doomsday By Learning “Old” Skills

Skills To Survive DoomsdayIf you’re interested in preparing for emergencies, one of the most important things you can do is develop skill sets that other people don’t have.

I’m not talking about learning how to repair computers or television sets here, I’m talking about getting back to basics and spending time learning skills that you can use during a major disaster or emergency when electricity and many of the other modern conveniences that we have become so accustomed to may not be available.

One of the things that many of us who live in the boonies have in common is that a lot of us are quite resourceful. When you live forty miles from town, it’s not easy to just hop in the truck and run to the hardware store when you need something. As a matter of fact, even if the hardware store was only five minutes away, many of us would still prefer to do our own repairs and make things ourselves instead of paying for someone to do our repairs or purchasing store bought tools and supplies.
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Smart Emergency Preppers Won’t Forget to Store Books

Why preppers should stock up on hard copy paper booksIf you’re like most Americans, you’ve probably realized that we are becoming more and more dependent on electronic media and less and less dependent on good old fashion paper bound books. I know that nearly all of the books that I read are on my Barns & Noble nook eBook reader and my kids enjoy reading books on either their iPod Touch or iPad.

So just for a minute, let’s imagine that we weren’t able to use these devices for an extended period of time. Some may say that this is a farfetched fantasy that will never come to fruition but it’s really not that far out of the realm of possibilities. One of the biggest fears that preppers have is that a massive solar flare will cause a tremendous electromagnetic pulse (EMP) to hit the earth which will turn our electronic devices into nothing more than useless piles of metal and plastic.
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Rain Water Harvesting is a Good Idea For Emergency Preparedness

rainwater harvesting systemFor centuries, collecting rainwater has been a practice that is crucial to the very survival of many rural villages and communities. While at least for the moment, most of us don’t need to collect rainwater to survive, that might not always be the case.

As many of you know I’m really big into emergency preparedness and I spend a lot of my time either writing about prepping or prepping for a day that might come when I’ll need to survive on my wit’s and my emergency supplies.

We have a well at our house but let’s imagine that the power were to go out due to some catastrophic event and it stayed out for an extended period of time. As part of our emergency preparedness plan, we are stocking up on water but that will only last so long. Having a rainwater harvesting system in place could go a long way towards making life much easier to survive after a doomsday event has taken place. You just may find that the water you collect in your rain barrell is the only water you’ll be able to get in some cases.
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