Preppers Illustrated Tips are FINALLY on YouTube!

Hey friends of Preppers Illustrated. I did it! I finally overcame my EXTREME case of camera shyness and I’m on YouTube now.

It took a lot of prompting and encouragement from my husband to finally take this leap of faith. Writing articles and books while I’ve been hidden behind my keyboard has always been strangely comforting but for some reason, I really feel the need to start making videos.

There are many types of preppers out there. Some are military commando types and some are just the average Joe. You know what they say, “Different strokes for different folks”.
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Convenient Backup Power for Apartment Preppers

xantrex xpower powerpack 1500Several weeks ago I was doing some thinking about how prepping must be different for people who live in places like apartments. I have to admit that I tend to focus on prepping from my own perspective. I live in a rural area where there is plenty of water, firewood, wild game, and fish. We also have emergency backup generators in the event of a power outage.

This line of thinking led me to wonder about backup power options for apartment preppers. I wondered what I would do if I actually lived in an apartment? In most cases, the very nature of the way apartments are built would rule out the use of a gasoline powered generator as an option.
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Estwing® 16″ Special Edition Camping Axe Review

Estwing 16 Inch Special Edition Camping AxeA few weeks ago while I was out splitting some kindling for our wood stove, I was swinging my old hatchet and thinking to myself that it sure would be nice to have a really well made hatchet to keep in my bug out bag.

Once the fire was roaring and my house was finally warm, I started doing some online research. I’ve always admired the beautiful look of the Estwing® Sportsman’s Axe with the leather handle so I started browsing through their website to see if they had anything new.

To my surprise, I discovered that they had a black 16″ Special Edition Camper’s Axe that REALLY caught my eye!
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Upgrade to the Handy infiniteLite Windproof Refillable Lighter

infinitelite windproof lighterOne thing that should be important to all preppers is having the ability to make a fire in a variety of situations. Many of you who are reading this article have spent countless hours honing your bushcrafting and survival skills. There is no doubt that a lot of you can make a fire using primitive techniques such as flint and steel or even a bow drill.

Those are impressive skills to have but the reality is that there are far more people that don’t have those skills than those that do. This is why my personal preference when it comes to starting fires is using modern and reliable butane lighters.

My husband would enjoy using primitive fire starting techniques but as a woman, I would much prefer to use a simple butane lighter and get my fire started quickly and easily.
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