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Essentials To Keep In Your Car Emergency Kit

If you are a prepper, you will likely have stored all kinds of emergency supplies. You have strategically stored them in case you need to resupply. Also, you are prepared if you need to bug out. But, keep in mind that having a bug out bag doesn’t mean that you are prepared or a road trip. You need to have a car emergency kit for roadside emergencies too. If you don’t, you might end up being stranded on the road in the middle of nowhere. Your car emergency kit will supplement your bug out bag and save you when you experience difficulties on the road. These are the top essentials that you need!

Car Emergency Kit


You can experience a flat tire at any time, so having a jack is very useful. Although this might sound like a too obvious one, many people don’t have a jack in their car. Know where your jack in located, so that you won’t have to search for it in the dark.

Cross-shaped lug wrench

It is challenging to loosen the nuts with the small wrench that comes with most of the cars. A cross-shaped lug wrench is more helpful, so get one at the local auto store.


A headlamp is a handy tool that you need to have in your emergency kit. If your car breaks down, you will need both of your hands to fix it. But also, you will need light if it is dark. A headlamp will provide light, but keep your hands free at the same time so that you can fix your car.

Car Emergency Kit

Automatic jump starter

If you fear that your battery might fail when you most need it, get an automatic jump starter. This way, you won’t rely on someone willing to jump the car. The automatic jump starter has a battery and jumper cables that will help you when you need it. On the other hand, you can charge your phone too. Make sure that you have a high-quality set of jump cables. You won’t be able to jump-start your car if you use cheap and thin wires.


A pair of gloves is beneficial in stressful situations. You won’t have to wait for the engine to completely cool down to check it. But also, they will prevent your hands from getting dirty when you need to check the oil.


If you get stranded in winter conditions, you will really need blankets to keep you warm. But also, you will need it to help a victim in shock. Keep a few blankets in your car for emergencies. Mylar blankets are compact and economical, and you can fit them in the glove compartment. These are basic, but keep in mind that mylar won’t warm your body but trap the heat.

Hand warmers

Hand warmers are convenient for use in the cold weather. When you open the package, they will emit heat. Put one in your gloves or boots to keep your hands and feet warm. Don’t forget to add a few packets of hand warmers, especially if you live in snowy areas.

Car Emergency Kit


Road emergencies can happen at any time. Even if it is pouring rain, you will have to get out of your car and check it. A raincoat will have you covered when it is raining.

Car escape tools

Being trapped in a car is one concern for vehicle owners. There are a few tools that would help you escape during an emergency. A life hammer is a useful tool for breaking glass and cutting through safety belts. A tow strap will help you in case you need to tow your car from a rough spot.


If you are ready for winter conditions and all possible scenarios for snowy weather, don’t forget that you should be prepared for extreme heat too. A pack of sunscreen will save you if you need to stop and fix your car in the scorching heat. It can prevent sunburns, so be sure to have it in your emergency kit.

Supply od drinkable water

Drinkable water means everything when you hit the road. Always carry a supply of fresh water for drinking. Experienced preppers would also advise you to have an alternative. You can take water purifying tablets, in case you run out of water. Or, you can pack some straw filters.

First aid kit

A well-stocked first-aid kit is a lifesaver. Make sure that you have al f the essentials and that they are in excellent condition. Quickclot is very useful at it can help you in moments when you can’t access medical care. Also, don’t forget to stock up n pandemic supplies such as masks and hand sanitizer.


Having emergency supplies of food in your car is essential. You never know for how long you will remain stranded. Some of the most simple things that you must have are hard candy, gum, and energy drinks. Many preppers stock up on other foods while forgetting that these can provide you with energy too. Chewing gum will keep you relaxed and energize you with a dose of sugar. But also, don’t forget that it can help you quickly fix a leaking hose. There are so many surprising uses for bubble gum, so be sure to stack a few packs.
Hard candy comes in small packs, but the sugar will provide you with instant energy. This is a perfect boost when you are stuck on the road and need to act fast. Be sure to choose non-GMO candy for your food kit.
Energy drinks are a good option if you need to perform complex activities or walk and run. Pick ones with low sugar levels and high caffeine levels for maximum energy.


In some situations, you might need to camouflage your car. Whether it is on your way or when you get to your bug out location, you need to plan this. A camouflage tarp can help you cover your car and blend it with the environment.

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