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Smart Emergency Preppers Won’t Forget to Store Books

Nowadays, we are dependent on electronic devices and the internet. This is an essential source of entertainment, information, and knowledge. In the case of a major disaster, you might not have access to modern technologies’ benefits. That’s why preppers stock up on the good old classic books. 


What kind of books to store?

When you create your emergency book collection, don’t only pick the ones you like. Pick suitable books for all the family members. But also, consider that books will be a rare and luxurious treasure and you can use them for bartering. 

Here are the best choices for books: 

  • Survival skills: Having a source of useful information and tips would be very much appreciated during a crisis. For example, the book “Back To Basics” can teach you a lot of new skills, such as building your own house.
  • Children’s education: if you have children, don’t forget to include some educational books. During a major disaster, you might have to rely on homeschooling so that you will need some useful resources and materials.
  • Novels: A good novel would be the perfect entertainment. You can relax and enjoy, while you don’t have other options available. In a significant event, this type of book would be considered a real treasure.

How to find affordable books

Local library

Many libraries will give out old books that seem damaged and worn out. Check with your local one to see if they have some available.


Schools do get rid of old books when they replace them with new ones. This is a great chance to get some educational books for your children, so contact your local school to find out more. 


If your friend has a home library, then they must be decluttering it often. You can say that you collect books, so your friend will gladly give you the books that they plan to gift or throw away.

Garage sales

The lest days fo garage sales are when you can get lots of books for cheap. People will want to get rid of them to make cleaning easier, so don’t miss your chance. 

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