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How To Pick A Safe Spot For Bugging Out

Have you already picked your bugging out location? This is one of the more complex problems that you will encounter as a prepper. We prepared the ultimate guide on how to find a safe spot for bugging out!

Safe Spot For Bugging Out


When you pick a safe bug out location, you need to have the distance in mind. You don’t want it to be too accessible. But, also, you don’t want to drive for three days to get to your safe location. The more you have to travel, the more problems and obstacles you can encounter. This depends on the situation, but there will likely be blocked roads. Your location should be near your city. Consider all of the alternative routes in the case of traffic jams.

Also, you need to make sure that you have enough fuel to reach your destination. Keep in mind that gas stations might not be available during a major crisis, so don’t depend on them. Store gas canisters if your bug out location is far.

Water availability

The perfect bug out location should have a source of water. Despite for hydration, you need water for sanitizing and possibly building a hydro-power generator. You can’t survive without water, and you might not have a self-replenishing source. But, this factor can make your search for an ideal location more difficult. Having a source of water near is very convenient, as it reduces potential risk when you need to go further from your area. You don’t need an abundant water source, but you need a constant one. A stream, river, or pond are reliable sources of water if available all year round. Just make sure that they don’t disappear during dry periods.
If you find it challenging to get a location with a water source, you have other alternatives available. You can think of ample storage for water or a water collecting system.

Pick A Safe Spot For Bugging Out

Concealed and secluded shelter

When you already have a great location on your mind, consider whether you can create a concealed shelter. You don’t want it to be easily noticeable and attract possible looters. Some people like cabins, as they are durable and sturdy. Some consider RV as a great option. No matter which one you choose, make sure that it is blended with the surrounding. This will make it hard for unfriendly people to notice your shelter from the distance.


When you think whether a particular location is suitable, consider the resources available. The ideal location should have the essential resources for satisfying your needs. We already talked about the importance of having a water source nearby. However, there are other resources, such as energy and food.
Does the location provide resources for growing food? Proper soil and sunlight are the factors that will determine if it is possible to grow your food. If there are animals around, this is a huge plus. You will be fortunate if your location is near the water and you can fish. If there is enough grass in the area, you can raise livestock
Sunlight isn’t only crucial for growing food. Some preppers consider using solar power to produce energy. Having a source of energy that doesn’t depend on the power grid is very important.
Having wood available is another great advantage. It will do more for you than just covering your shelter. You will need firewood to keep your shelter warm when the temperature drops down. But also, you will need it as a construction material to fix your shelter.

Consider the costs

The high price for purchasing property might be a problem for many people. The ideal location might be too pricey, so you might need to make a compromise. Do the research and find a property in the rural areas that will match your budget.
Keep in mind that the cheapest locations might not be the best ones. A prepper property can cost less, but you will have to pay more later. If the location doesn’t have a water source nearby, you will have to invest in finding a solution. Don’t only look at the price tag when determining the best prepper location. Instead, consider the value and long term costs. If you pay less now, you will have to pay more later. Another great option is to get a bug out location together with your like-minded friends. You will pay together and can build a few cabins. Also, don’t forget that teaming up will increase your chances of survival during a major disaster.

Check up with the government regulations

This is the most annoying part of the whole process, but it is a must. Should you worry about the government regulations when setting up the prepper property? In the case of a major disaster, the government won’t enforce its laws. They will have other issues to deal with. But until that moment comes, you need to comply with all regulations. Before you even get to buy a property, check the local building and zoning regulations. While it isn’t a problem to build a standard structure, check the regulations for growing crops and livestock.

Pick A Safe Spot For Bugging Out


Most of the territory of the US is a danger zone. There are areas with a high risk of earthquakes, tornados, or hurricanes. Some areas suffer from wildfires or floods. Knowing this, you would want to make a smart choice or take precautions on time. Some bug out situations are caused by natural disasters, so you want to have a safe place as a retreat.
Get to know more about the potential natural threats in the area where you plan to buy prepper property. Some of them are a big concern, while others can be avoided. If the area is prone to floods, you can build your shelter high in the hill to avoid the danger. You can create a durable cabin that will withstand winds. Consider every aspect to make sure that you buy a safe bug out location for any major disaster.

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