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Should Your Family Have A Secret Codeword System?

Secret codes are a simple and easy safety measure that can be used in case of emergency. If a member of the family finds themselves in a dangerous situation and need help and assistance, they might not feel safe to tell this. This is where the importance of secret codes steps in. Your children can discreetly let you know that they are in a dangerous or uncomfortable situation. There are a few cases in which a secret code can save them. From strangers knocking on the door to unsolicited rides, your children should be aware of the dangers. And let’s not forget about the fact that you might not be able to communicate about bugging out in front of others.

In this post, we highlight the importance of having family passwords. Also, we will share some useful tips on how to implement this simple safety measure.

Why do you need to have a secret codeword system?

Contact with strangers

Kids know that they shouldn’t go with strangers. If a stranger claims that they have been sent by parents to pick them up, the kid should ask for the password. If the parents send a friend, they will share the family password with them. When the stranger doesn’t know the password, the children should run away and get help. This can help in cases when your child is home alone. If people claiming to be plumbers or electricians knock on the door, your child shouldn’t let them in without the password.

Alert to pick them up

Secret codes aren’t only helpful when you have young children. You must have codes with your teenagers and young adults too. They might be at a party and don’t feel safe or comfortable, but can’t tell you this directly. They can text you the secret family code, so you can come and pick them up.

Bug out alert

If you need to bug out immediately during an emergency and some family members aren’t home, you can leave a secret code. This will let them know that you headed to the bug out location, and they should come too. This will prevent others from knowing your location and plan. You can use this code to acknowledge the family of your plans if there are people around that you don’t want to reveal your bug out location to.

Secret Codeword System

How to implement the secret codeword system?

Pick the right code

Picking the right secret codes for your family isn’t simple. You need to think of something easy to remember and say. The code is a catchy word that should be immediately recognized in your family. Avoid using too complicated words that your child can’t pronounce. These will become useless under challenging situations. Teach your children about the circumstances in which they should use secret words. Also, teach them that they shouldn’t tell about the daily password to anyone else.

Discuss it with the family

You must have an in-depth talk about this subject with your family. Create available codes for different situations and make sure that everyone remembers them. Think of something that won’t sound odd in a casual conversation and possibly alert others that you are up to something. Talk about the secret code often so that every family member feels confident to use the code whenever they feel unsafe. Make sure that you discuss it with a calm tone and don’t scare your children. This will teach them to be aware of potential dangers and be cautious in everyday life situations. Also, this will prepare the family for the possibility of bugging out.

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