Best Backpacks For Survival
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Best Backpacks For Survival

Backpacks are essential tools needed by every survivalist. Do you know the best backpacks for survival for you? Read on!


  • Military Survival Backpack
  • The Seventy2® Survival System
  • Maxpedition Gyrfalcon Backpack

Emergency backpacks are an essential element for survival. This is where we will keep all the necessary items that we will need to stay alive. The best backpacks for survival must have adequate space and must be comfortable to carry. We have analyzed and chosen the best models of backpacks for preppers so that you are correct in the purchase of your backpack.

Military Survival Backpack

The military uses military survival backpacks. They are designed for a soldier to be used on the battlefield or move from one position to another.

These backpacks for survival are usually camouflage so that it goes unnoticed in the place where you are, and it goes with the military suit. There are different colors of military backpacks, from green for the jungle, yellow for the desert, to white for the snow.

They have several compartments of different sizes to store different objects and have everything classified and organized. This improves efficiency when looking for something since it will take less time to find it, and we will not have to remove the rest of the objects we have saved.

The Seventy2® Survival System

The Seventy2® Survival System backpacks are designed to store everything you need to stay alive for three days. This includes food, water, tools, clothing, medications, and bandages, among other things.

It is a slightly larger safety backpack than usual, but not too bulky and heavy either, since it is made to be carried on our backs all the time, without being too much of a burden. The manufacturing materials are resistant to all kinds of conditions, cold, water, heat, and sun. Also, to friction and blows so that its fabric won’t get torn.

Maxpedition Gyrfalcon Backpack

Maxpedition Gyrfalcon backpack comes with everything included in Seventy2® Survival System, but they can also carry extra items. In this backpack for survival which we consider as one of the best, you can for example, bring with you two sleeping bags and two extra pieces of clothing for two other people who could be your companions.

Why Buy A Survival Backpack

Even if you’re not a prepper, in the face of any natural disaster, war, or apocalypse, you will likely have to move from home to a safer place. Cities are usually the worst place you can stay because the concentration of people is higher and resources are more limited. In a war, cities are bombarded, and it is sometimes the terrain where battles are fought.

The best way to carry survival tools, utensils, accessories, food, and other items with you is to pack everything in a backpack. This makes you very agile when moving since if you need to take all your objects, you have to grab your backpack.

How To Prepare An Emergency Backpack

When we prepare our backpacks for survival, we must choose carefully what we are going to put inside it.

What To Put Inside The Backpack

Below we explain the essential items that you should keep in backpacks for survival. Of course, any object of economic or sentimental value that is not useful for your survival should be left at home. We know that it is difficult to detach from them, but your life is the most important thing.

The backpack should not exceed 20 kg in weight; otherwise, it will be difficult and exhausting to carry it, which will consume your energy, and you’ll also run the risk of suffering a back injury.

A first aid kit: If we have an injury, it is essential to disinfect it so that the injury does not get worse. If we make a deep cut, we must cover it and avoid blood loss.

Non-perishable food: The food we carry must be kept without rotting at room temperature. You can take hermetically sealed cans or freeze-dried food.

Thermal clothing: If you are in a place with low temperatures, keeping your body warm is essential. Be sure to bring a coat, hat, and gloves to maintain your body temperature.

Survival tools: Flashlight, knife, rope, and matches. We never know when we may need them.

Your identification documents: Government I.D, passport, or similar. So that the armed forces can recognize you in case they find you.

There you have it—the best backpacks for survival. Do you have other items you think will be of good importance to put in a survival backpack? You can drop it in the comment section.

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