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Great Gifts for Preppers

Do you have friends who are preppers? Are you confused about the gifts for preppers you could get them? Here we provide you with tips. Read on!


  • Water Filtering Container
  • Fire Lighting Rods
  • Emergency Food
  • Emergency Car Kit
  • Hand-Crank Radio and Phone Charger Solar-Powered
  • Tablets of Compressed Toilet Paper

Preppers are survivalists, and there is a whole lot more to their adventures that need to be considered. If you have friends in this venture, the best you can do for them is to help equip them. Below are some of the fascinating great gifts for prepper.

Water Filtering Container

Water filtration containers or systems are one of the most recommended gifts for preppers. If they don’t already have one, then it becomes a must. These small personal devices can be carried around easily in their prepping journey, and also, they can be a lifesaver.

A water filter system purifies water that might be gotten from any natural water supply, ensuring that it is safe to drink. By getting your friend or relation who is a prepper a water filtration system, you’re ensuring that they stay free from water-borne bacteria disease.

Fire Lighting Rods

Firestarter rods, as the name implies, are outdoor equipment that assists preppers in starting a fire. When the firelighter rods (a ferrocerium rod and a metal striker) are struck together, they produce sparks. These fire-igniting rods can light a stick or ball of tinder on fire with their sparks.

These fantastic gifts for preppers are frequently packaged in a small container, making them easy to transport. Its container also protects the stems from becoming wet. Look for one with a compartment for dry tinder, which will come in handy if you’re in a slightly more humid environment.

Emergency Food

What makes emergency food rations such great gifts for prepper? It can last for years and still provide good nutrition.

The majority of emergency food rations have a 5-year shelf life. They also frequently contain around 3,600 calories in a small package. Typically, each bar in the pack contains between 400 and 450 calories, and each pack contains approximately 9-10 bars.

It is best to gift emergency food rations that do not promote dehydration or thirst (which can happen because rations are often dehydrated).

Emergency Car Kit

One of the great gifts for prepper you can give is an emergency car kit. These car kits are designed to meet the needs of your prepper friend and provide the individual with all the essentials they may require in the event of virtually any disaster.

A personal car emergency kit should, at the very least, include a safety vest, jumper cables, first aid kit, car repair tools, rope, screwdrivers, flashlights, and a variety of other items. It should be placed in a transparent, waterproof pouch small enough to fit in your preppers car’s backseat.

In a nutshell, these personal vehicle emergency kits are excellent gifts for preppers who would sit in the car until they need them.

Hand-Crank Radio and Phone Charger Solar-Powered

For various reasons, crank radios are one of the most frequently suggested preparedness tools by various emergency and disaster service groups.

First and foremost, it does not require electricity to operate, making it useful in the event of a power outage. In the event of a disaster, you’ll also be able to hear any crucial alerts that may be sent in your area.

A solar charging system and a phone charger are included in some of the more contemporary models. Try to find one of them because this is a gift that your survivalist friend will adore.

Thermal blanket

One of the most versatile gifts for preppers you can offer to your survivor friends is a thermal blanket.
They’re frequently seen in first responder kits, where they’re wrapped around an accident victim to help them cope with the shock. Competitive athletes and marathon runners also use them to keep their bodies from chilling down.

They can be used for many purposes, including keeping body heat, providing shade, and even serving as a signaling device for persons who become lost in the woods.

Tablets of Compressed Toilet Paper

Why on earth would a prepper want to be gifted a compressed toilet paper as a gift? There are several reasons.
To begin with, these tiny tablets can be used for a variety of purposes other than toilet paper, such as starting a fire or dressing. They are also ideal for any typical survival kit due to their tiny size.

They’re also a lot of fun to use. Add a few drops of water to the little tablets, and they will transform into a huge soft but durable towel.

Final Thoughts

There are several other gifts for preppers that can be given to a prepper to make life easier. The gifts we mentioned above are the ones we thought were of utmost importance.

Note that it is best to check if your friend receiving the gift needs it or has any of the gifts already. It wouldn’t make sense to give them what they already have. Your prepper friend or relation will appreciate you more if you adhere to this advice.

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