Home Security Mistakes
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Home Security Mistakes You Need to Know About

Without a doubt, the most important thing today is the protection of our homes and our loved ones. There are economic and psychological consequences when someone disturbs our home. The calls to install an alarm after a burglary are usually from customers distressed because they have seen the invulnerability of their home broken due to home security mistakes.


  • Forget to Lock
  • Secure Only the First Floor
  • Fake Security Cameras
  • Access Numbers or Passwords Too Easy
  • Keep A Copy of the Key Away from Home
  • Not Checking the House State
  • Keep the Same Locks as When the House Was Purchased
  • Forgetting to Connect the Alarm System

Our house is our sanctuary, where we live our moments of relaxation after work, experiences with our family, and treasure our most precious belongings. Therefore, today it is not only essential to have a security system that preserves our well-being and lets us sleep peacefully every night, but a series of basic home security mistakes that must be avoided.

Forget to Lock

We have invested in a good quality door and lock, but we always forget to lock. It is a more common situation than it seems and one of the most serious failures. By committing these common home security mistakes, we are making things easier for potential thieves.

Secure Only the First Floor

Another common misconception is that muggers can only enter through the first floor. Any nook is a door for them, a balcony, a window, the basement, etc. Avoid thinking like this because it is one of the fatal home security mistakes.

Fake Security Cameras

Fake Security Cameras

They were a great idea when they were invented, but nowadays, everyone knows how to identify them, and even more so when you are a specialist in robberies. The best thing is to avoid using them rather than regret them later because this is one of the biggest common home security mistakes.

Access Numbers or Passwords Too Easy

Another of the most common security errors is to use a simple and, above all, personal code as a password for our alarm, such as an effective date, a phone number, etc. If it is easy for you to remember, it will be straightforward for the thief to decipher.

Keep A Copy of The Key Away from Home

We have seen in movies and series how the protagonists always keep an extra key under the carpet or in a flowerpot. However, it must be remembered that it is only fiction. If you do the same in real life, the chances are that they will have robbed you when you return home. Thieves know all the tricks, and you don’t have to risk it. The best option is to give the key to someone you trust or keep it in a safe place like work or the bank to avoid this common home security mistakes.

Not Checking the House State

Thieves leave marks around the homes with our details and let their accomplices know the state of the house. It is best to check periodically, and if we observe something strange, contact the authorities.

Keep the Same Locks as When the House Was Purchased

Whether newly acquired or not, you always have to change the lock. This is one of the most common home security mistakes. Sometimes it is that anyone, former employees, former neighbors, former tenants, can have copies of the key and access the house. Also, the older the lock and the less up-to-date it is, the easier they are to open.

Forgetting to Activate the Alarm System

Many times, we leave home in a hurry. However, if you have decided to invest in a protection system, it is useless if you do not activate it. Always activate it. For this reason, it is best to create a ritual such as leaving the keys and the bag or jacket next to the control panel and going out, getting ready, taking the keys, and activating the system.

If necessary, you can put a reminder sign on the door, so you can see it before you leave the house. This will ensure you avoid this form of home security mistakes.

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