How Close are we to SHTF? Here’s What I Think

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Shit Hitting The Fan is a real threat that everyone should take seriously. Like the prophet B-Real says, “When the shit goes down, you better be ready.” The nebulous feeling about all the bad things that can happen creates anxiety that can be felt like a cloud of smog in the air. So, how close are we to the shit hitting the fan?

The best way to beat back any anxiety is to take action against it and not wait around until it is too late. Of course, you can’t be prepared for every instance when the shit hits the fan, but you can be prepared to handle the basics, and that might be enough to give you and your family a fighting chance.

How Close Are We to the Next Disaster

Let’s face it, the world isn’t doing too hot these days. The political unrest in the US is a by-product of stabilized wages and an increase in natural and human-made disasters and dumpster fires. Knowing an exact timeline of when the disaster will start is another matter. You can protect against the event by taking some precautions, but the clock is ticking.

Some precautions to take while waiting for the next disaster are:

  • Buy Water – Buying extra cases and gallons of water is a good idea. The waterlines could become compromised if there’s a natural disaster like an earthquake or tornado. The same goes for a technical attack aimed at the country’s infrastructure. Have water in case there is no other way to get it.
  • Get Food – The next thing to track down is a steady food supply. You can have meals for weeks and possibly years by getting some MREs or other prepper foods. These foods aren’t known for their taste so remember they are for dangerous situations and not for fun.
  • Find Safety – Probably the most important thing to nail down is a secure location. Without it, you are a nomad who is forced to haul your food and water supply with you everywhere you go. This is dangerous and could make you a target for desperate people looking to survive.
  • Way to Communicate – Once the other things are in order, you can think about a way to communicate with the outside world. If there’s a disaster or pandemic, talking with people, face-to-face could mean death. On the other hand, having a way to communicate could save your life if you are trapped.
  • Protection – You will need a way to protect yourself and your family from things besides the environment. If you choose firearms or bow and arrows, you will need a projectile weapon that allows you to take out targets from a distance. Find a good gun and get some time at the range before the gates of hell open up.

Nailing down the basics is something you can start on right away. There is no need for an imminent disaster for you to have plans in place for food and shelter. Always be thinking about ways to make it work. By being creative, you could end up saving yourself and others. If you run into problems, think outside the box and learn from your mistakes.

What to do When the Shit Hits the Fan

When the shit hits the fan, it can go several different ways. If you are a prepper who has been on their game for years, it will be much easier than someone who was in their apartment when society came crashing down. Your best chance to handle any disaster is by keeping your wits and not putting yourself or your family in an undue hardship.

The main things to do when the shit goes down are:

  • Support Group – In a disaster, you should reach out to your support group. Whether this is your family or friends, you must reach out to see if everyone is ok and accounted for. If people are injured or missing, you must weigh your options and choose the best for you.
  • Check the Media – Depending on what type of disaster we encounter, you could have to check different kinds of media outlets to get the facts. Once you have heard the event’s details, you will better understand what you might encounter.
  • Hole Up – If you have a stocked place and are ready for this disaster, get there and get comfy. If there’s a natural disaster, there could be impassible roads or no clear way to reach your destination. By staying where you are and hunkering down, you increase your chances of survival.
  • Keep Watch – Disasters and catastrophic events have a way of unleashing the worst in humanity. Once secure, you should set a watch roster to protect you from invasion or attack. The watch is taxing, but it will keep you protected and could also give you an early indication of the next event or disaster.

The thing to do when shit gets bad is to keep your cool. None of the things anxiety brings can help you when the chips are down. You must calm your mind and begin to think of the next step in your survival. Do not think that an event is over because you can’t see anything out of the ordinary out of your window. Be vigilant and pay attention to keep yourself alive.

Final Thoughts

When the shit hits the fan, it can go one of two ways. Firstly, the resources we have, like power and water, could disappear. So you must learn not to rely on our utilities and concentrate on finding ways to get the essentials without endangering you or your family. Survival is the priority for you and your family. You can thrive when all this is over.

The type of event is moot if you do not have the essential items to survive. So concentrate on shelter, food, and water before worrying about anything else. Once those are in place, you can create plans to acquire weapons and secure your location against attack or further disaster.