How Long Does an EMP Disable Electronics? Here’s the Truth!

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An EMP is an electromagnetic pulse. It was designed to block enemies’ access to electronics and blind their surveillance and communications. It can be a havoc-wreaking weapon or a way to defend yourself against attack. So how long does an EMP disable electronics?

An EMP blast lasts between 200 and 1000 nanoseconds. A few lingering effects could hamper large-scale electronics and the items still plugged in at home. An EMP could be caused by a few different things, each with an impact that could permanently disable electronics.

An EMP could cause a potential disaster that could unravel civilization. For some, the loss of tech and computers would be a living nightmare, and the worst of humanity could be exposed. But, stay vigilant, and you will weather the storm. Read on and learn all you need to know about how long an EMP disables electronics.

How Long Does an EMP Disable Electronics?

EMPs can disable electronics momentarily or forever. The blast of an EMP and where it detonates all impact how severely the electronics are disabled. The blast and its radiation will cripple almost every device in your home, and if you have shielded its hardware, it could be affected.

A few things that are disabled by EMPs are:

  • Computers – One of the essential things a high-frequency EMP would disable would be computers. If they are impacted and not charging, they could return to normal in five to ten minutes. However, it is best to remember that the effects of a pulse could linger, and allowing time to wait before restarting is suggested.
  • Power Grids – Another thing that will take a wallop during an EMP blast is the power grid. The lines stretching across the country’s counties and cities will conduct the excess energy created by the detonation and fry themselves in the process.

As dependent as the country is on the grid and computers, any attack could have implications that stretch for miles. There are protections in place to mitigate these disasters, but often the best bet is to do some prepping to protect yourself against the attack.

Ways to Protect Against EMP Attack

Let’s face it. There is no way to judge when an attack will happen. Your best bet is to have a plan and an easy way to protect your essential electronics against the blast. By doing some work out in the shop, you can create just what you need and get a plan to survive the disaster.

Protecting Your Electronics is Paramount

The most fragile thing during an EMP blast is your electronics. However, there are ways to be prepared that keep your family removed from the event and could even be just a blip on your radar. Take time to research which electronics you need most and clone them or work toward creating gadgets to protect them.

A few things you can do to prepare against an EMP attack are:

  • Off-Grid – You stand a much better chance of avoiding an EMP event by being off-grid. Solar panels are immune to the effects and can help to keep your family in power when things go south. This keeps you away from rolling energy in the grid and allows you to recover much faster than in other areas.
  • Faraday Cage – By placing your vital electronics, or spares, in a Faraday cage, you protect them from pulses. A cage should be something made from a highly conductive material, like a garbage can, that can be lined with aluminum foil. This creates a barrier between the surge of energy and the items, protecting them from harm.

Now that your power situation is sorted and protected, you can move on to making a plan that ensures you and your family are safe during the event and beyond. By packing away a few things and having some conversations with your family, you form the backbone of a lifesaving plan.

Plan to Survive by Starting Early

Planning is the thing that will keep you and your family safe during the event. There’s no question about it. Therefore, it is vital to make this plan known to each family member and have them contribute their parts.

The way to plan for an EMP event is:

  • Get the Basics – You know you will need food and water to make it through. If the power grid has been impacted, you can bet that the water treatment plants have also been. This impact means it could be days before you can get fresh water. Getting food should concentrate on storable items or MREs.
  • Inform the Fam – Getting your family involved in the process ensures a higher success rate. Sit down with your family and explain their parts of the plan. Someone should secure the supplies while someone else ensures the area’s safety. Once those things are secured, the family should know the rendezvous point.
  • Play Time – Now is the time to run through the scenario a few times until everyone knows their part and what must be done. By going over the plan, people will revert to automatically following it in the event of a disaster.

Your plan doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does have to be good enough to protect your family. One thing is for sure; it is better to have a plan than to be caught with your pants down. You go a long way to stay safe during the EMP event by putting a few things away and having some family talks.

Final Thoughts

An EMP is a blast of electrical energy after a nuclear strike or from a localized bomb. They destroy electronics and will disable a power grid. They will last between 200 and 1000 nanoseconds and could disable electronics for a few minutes. If something is plugged into the wall, the surge of energy could totally disable the machine.

There are ways to protect against an EMP and its after effects. By building a Faraday cage, you can store your precious electronics on the inside and continue using them once the effects of the pulse have passed. Put a plan in action that will protect you and your family while keeping you safe from the impact of the blast.