Fire for Survival
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How to Start a Fire for Survival?

The mesmerizing glow of a warm fire makes any space more enjoyable. With these simple tricks, you don’t have to be an expert to start your survival fire quickly and easily.


  • Ensure you have your fire-starting items.
  • Start your fire in a cool and dry place that is ventilated.
  • Use Ocote wood for your fire.
  • Sugar is a good source of fuel.

How to Start a Fire for Survival

No trick can help you if you don’t have fire-starting items like firewood, charcoal, firelighter, etc. So, before you start with the tricks, make sure you meet all the requirements to make a good survival fire.

  • To begin, you have to look for the most protected place possible. It is essential to make the fire where the water will not fall into the fire if it is raining.
  • Then the firewood must be arranged correctly so that air can enter. It is convenient to place the driest and thinnest on the bottom and the thicker on top.
  • If your fire goes out, check the position of the wood. Add more thin branches and blow out the embers, or start over.

Do not get frustrated; remember that humans took thousands of years to master fire. Making fire is an ancient and sacred art; it will take some practice, but it is worth it.

How to Start a Fire to Survive

Use an Ocote

In general, the Ocote refers to a type of pine native to Mexico, also known as the Mexican pine, red pine, and weeping pine. Its scientific name is Pinus montezumae. In this context, the Ocote is a piece of wood naturally soaked in resin.

The tree produces a lot of resin when cut down, and this resinous wood is used to light the survival fire. The thick, resin-soaked wooden sticks ignite easily and stay on long enough for the wood to ignite. This is because the resin burns first and then the wood, thus prolonging the life of the survival fire. It works similarly to a candle where the wax (or paraffin) feeds the flame, delaying the burning of the wick.

If you do not have the Ocote tree in your region, you can use a splinter from another tree, as long as it is a resin-producing species (for example, most pines, eucalyptus, etc.).

How to set fire with Ocote

  • Prepare your firewood.
  • Light the splinter of ocote with a lighter or match.
  • Place the ocote between the firewood at the bottom.
  • Leave it there until the fire starts.

Blow the Fire with The Clown Bomb

It is very frustrating when you have a survival fire that does not want to stay lit. It needs air, but your face is all purple from blowing it, and your arms are tired from waving the piece of cardboard or whatever you have on hand. Don’t worry; with this trick, you can ventilate the fire without getting tired at the least minimum.

The indicated tool is an air pump, the same one that clowns use to fill their balloons. It turns out it’s highly efficient at bringing a sad fire to life. Direct the tip of the pump to the embers and pump.

Sugar as Fuel

Instead of carrying a large container of fuel to start your survival fire, use a couple of packets of sugar. The sugar packets that they give away in any café are an efficient and convenient fuel since they are easily found and take up almost no space.

Wrap two or three packets of sugar in a piece of paper or newspaper. Place this little bag in the middle of the charcoal and light the top of the paper. The fire will go down until it reaches the sugar. The sugar burns very hot and will ignite the charcoal.

There it is—the various ways you can quickly start a survival fire if you need one. Thanks for reading.

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