Real Example Of How Mass Panic Can Easily Set In

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The prepper’s philosophy is all about being prepared for the unknown. Preppers don’t only prepare themselves for doomsday scenarios, but they also consider other events. The coronavirus pandemic was a clear sign that we all should become preppers and have emergency supplies at any time. 

How mass panic can set in 

Being a prepper is all about avoiding mass panic. People tend to ignore the fact that a significant event can happen at any time. As soon as they face an emergency, the fear, and unpreparedness strike.

Here are some examples of how mass panic can overcome society:

Fear of the unknown

People start to panic when there is a new and unknown situation. The virus wasn’t something familiar, and we lacked information about it. People start panicking when they hear that something dangerous is ahead, and the only solution is simply washing your hands.

Lack of basic supplies 

Empty store shelves were a widespread picture all across the world. As soon as the people started getting that the situation is dangerous, they went to the stores to buy the essential supplies. Due to the massive demand at the moment, the stores were left with empty shelves and no time to restock. Panic buying quickly overcome the masses, so the people were grabbing as much as they can. 

Panic is contagious 

People are social creatures and always rely on other’s actions. When there is a person that frantically buys unreasonable amounts of products, others will follow. Humans will copy other’s behavior as a defense mechanism. 

Overstocking on nonessential supplies

Different types of emergencies require a different approach when stocking supplies. The mass panic didn’t let people think logically and get the supplies that they need. Instead, many people hoarded water but failed to get suitable supplies such as disinfectants and face masks. We also saw the phenomenon of hoarding toilet paper, which isn’t considered an essential item. Psychologists had different explanations about this, and some think that it allows people to have a sense of control in an unknown situation. 

Being prepared for all the possible scenarios will prevent panic.