Shooting Mistakes
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Biggest Shooting Mistakes. Do You Make One Of Them?

When we start something, we all make mistakes, and it would be crazy not to admit it. There is a beginning to everything, like shooting mistakes, and we must learn what is appropriately done and what is not.


  • Support the Cylinder Head Poorly
  • Gripping the Gun Incorrectly
  • Point In All Directions
  • Put Your Finger On the Trigger
  • Being Scared Of The Bang

Mistakes are part of the learning process and help shape our experience. This is true in all fields of life, and shooting is no exception. When we make a mistake, we learn from it, and the next time we come out better prepared to save that adverse situation in which we saw ourselves previously.

Here we show you the shooting mistakes people have often made and promptly correct them not to become vices.

Support the Cylinder Head Poorly

An apprentice will usually remove his face from the gun when he feels the bang. But what you have to do is the opposite: you must support your face well on the back of the stock so that the shot is satisfactory and the recoil does not play a trick on you.

Gripping the Gun Incorrectly

Failure to grip the shotgun or rifle properly can derail many sets. Experts must always instill that a good grip on the weapon provides a better face and more satisfactory results.

Point In All Directions

It usually happens after a successful cast, in which euphoria ruins the most basic rule of hunting and shooting: aim only when you are sure what you are going to shoot at, it doesn’t matter if the gun is unloaded, you shouldn’t run those risks pointing to objects, dogs, people.

Put Your Finger On the Trigger

Put Your Finger On the Trigger

Never, ever put your finger on the trigger. Only at the right moment of the shot, when the piece is already located and in the spotlight, otherwise mishaps and misfortunes can occur that nobody wants to happen.

Being Scared Of The Bang

This is one of the widely known shooting mistakes. Many first-time hunters tend to be scared of their shots, so they back off when firing, and then the gun moves out of position, leading to many miscasts.

Do not be ashamed of these five common shooting mistakes or feel guilty. All of us have committed some of them at some point, if not several. If you learn from the beginning by correcting them, you will be an increasingly better shooter. Now it only remains to take note of them and practice.

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