Three of the Most Likely SHTF Scenarios to be Aware of!

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Shit hitting the fan scenarios are on the lips of everyone across the social and political spectrum. We live in a time where it seems like the world is on fire around us, and we still have the gall to vote for the next American Idol. So what are the three most likely shit hits the fan scenarios that everyone should be aware of?

Not everyone knows which SHTF scenario is most likely. But, to be honest, at this point, they all seem pretty viable in a country that argues over small details and doesn’t understand the encroaching storms that are set to level everything we have ever known. So read on and learn the three most likely SHTF scenarios to be aware of.

Political Violence is a Safe Bet for the United States

Americans can’t agree on anything anymore. Religion, media companies, and money pull us in every direction. Creating an epic lack of communication and empathy has pushed this country to the brink of another civil war.

Some reasons that political violence is possible in the United States are:

  • The Media – By allowing facts to become clouded by political and religious discourse, the media in the US is setting up for political violence. For the most part, people don’t understand that Tucker Carlson and Rachel Maddow are opinion-based shows. The topics they choose and their stances are their own and not fact-based.
  • The Parties – There hasn’t been a more polarized time in American politics since the Civil War. Both ends of the political spectrum run rampant with conspiracy theories and fringe ideas that cause harm to the very fabric of the republic.
  • Guns – There are more guns in the United States than in any other country. The amount of guns per capita means local groups will take up arms in a political uprising to combat their political rivals. Each group will be heavily armed, and the casualties will be sobering.
  • Mass Hysteria – The mass hysteria that will grip the country once political fallout begins will be hard to ignore. People will see every sign from the end of times to the beginning or ethnic cleansing for those they disagree with.

Political violence is one of the most sensible ways that the shit could hit the fan. After the events of the January 6th insurrection, the tension in the country became much more apparent. A particular population is convinced of one thing, while clear evidence exists to contradict them.

A Mass Shooting is a High Probability SHTF Scenario

One of the most prevalent displays of the shit hitting the fan is when there is a mass shooting. Unfortunately, these large displays of death occur far too regularly. The chances are so high that 30% of Americans avoid public places because they fear being in a mass shooting. But, like any other SHTF scenario, you can take steps to mitigate the disaster.

A few ways to protect yourself during a mass shooting are:

  • Dense Cover – Finding something thick and heavy to hide behind is a good place to look for cover. Find something like a brick wall or metal column to hide behind. Bullets will penetrate some bricks after several shots, but there aren’t many rounds that pierce steel.
  • Escape – If you notice an opening to make your escape, you should get away as fast as possible. When a shooting happens, people panic and begin to hide and run in every direction. Choose a path and stick with it. Remember that running low in a serpentine fashion makes you harder to hit.
  • Fight Back – If you see the shooter and have an avenue of attack, you should take it. Some mass shooting casualty coaches teach that often a person can stop several collateral deaths by confronting the shooter and attempting to disarm them.
  • Play Possum – It isn’t the most chivalrous option, but sometimes laying low and staying out of the way can save your life. Playing possum in a situation like this might be out of your control. Sometimes the body reacts in strange ways to overwhelming stimuli.

Mass shootings are horrible acts committed by sick and desperate people. However, their impact on our culture cannot be ignored, and you should always stay vigilant for this type of emergency in a public situation.

Financial Ruin is a Possible Outcome

The country’s dependence on the financial system could be another way the shit hits the fan. So many outside influences control our economy that any one thing could make the market tumble and billions of dollars go elsewhere.

A few ways a financial collapse could cause the shit to hit the fan are:

  • No Food – When the financial system collapses, there will be no money for food. The markets and stores will have empty shelves, and only locations close to where food is produced will have supplies. How you are going to pay for them is a different story.
  • Drastic Homelessness – The homeless will begin to flood the streets. When there is no money for rent, people will take to the street to make a living in any way they can. As a result, people will be forced to leave their homes and reside in the streets to survive.
  • High Unemployment – When the market crumbles, people will lose their jobs in record numbers. Companies trying to save themselves will fire employees and sack everyone who isn’t critical to the business.
  • Civil Unrest – When there’s no money, people become antsy. There will be riots in the streets, and living in a populated area could mean your home or business is destroyed. Lack of finances will drive people out of their minds when the shit hits the fan.

A financial crisis is nothing new in America. Over the years, we have encountered almost every type of fluctuation in the market and, with time and money, have recovered. But, when there are no more safety nets, all bets are off, and anything can happen.

Final Thoughts

Thinking about what will happen when the shit hits the fan can be speculation. Knowing the timeframe of the event and what the event will entail are things left to chance and not set in stone.

Preparing for the unknown is challenging but not impossible. By stocking up on the essentials, like food and water, you can expect to see yourself survive in the interim. You will need suitable shelter and weapons to defend yourself for long-term survival.