Wilderness Survival Guide
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Wilderness Survival Guide [7 Unique Ways & Tips]

The wilderness is a wild and unspoiled place where you can connect with nature in its purest form. Here is our wilderness survival guide.


  • Always Follow Marked Paths
  • Wear Trousers, Long-Sleeved Clothing and Footwear That Covers The Foot
  • Be Careful Where You Step
  • Always Wear A Hat Or Cap
  • At Night, Do Not Smoke Or Use Headlights
  • Use The Hammock
  • Check Your Footwear

However, this beautiful and mesmerizing place can also be dangerous and unpredictable. Therefore, learning to survive in the wilderness is the first step before being able to enjoy it.

In the article, we’ll show you the main threats to the wilderness, and we will give you some wilderness survival tips that will allow you to survive in the wilderness if you decide to visit it one day.

The Main Threats You Will Find In The Wilderness

They are as follows:


Malaria is common in tropical areas. From jungles to the wilderness, this disease transmitted by mosquitoes is prevalent.

Therefore, there are two solutions to combat it.

  • Taking antimalaria drugs.
  • Avoid mosquito bites with repellants and other precautions.

Trying to avoid mosquito bites will help you survive in the wilderness; this is our first wilderness survival guide.


The hot and humid environment of the rainforest is very prolific for bacteria, parasites, and other undesirable creatures.

Therefore, you should clean it frequently and take care of it with dedication in case of hurting yourself. Infections are easy to suffer, and scars are challenging to close and heal.

The Vampire Fish

This small fish, which lives in streams and stagnant water areas, can trace urine flow and enter the host’s urethra, where it is housed. Whether it was true or not, you might have to lose the urge to urinate in these places.

Other Bites and Diseases

Many other diseases can be transmitted through stings. One is dengue fever which can be transmitted by a mosquito and causing severe fevers, joint pain, and fatigue. The hemorrhagic variant is the most dangerous of all and can kill you.

The 4 Most Frequent Causes Of Death In The Wilderness

Knowing all of the above is helpful; but these are not the most causes of death in the wilderness for a prepper.

Indeed, you think that an animal is attacking the most serious danger in the jungle, right? Well, snake bites, crocodile attacks, or big cat attacks are only the 4th cause of death.

The 3rd place is occupied by drowning. Some preppers or soldiers had nearly died crossing rivers or in swampy areas. Drowning is one of the most frequent causes of death in the jungle.

The second is the machete accidents. Yes, by cutting plants to pass, we get wounds that result in action.

Finally, in 1st place, we have the fall of trees. Believe it or not, it is easier to die crushed by a fallen tree (and quite a few falls) than for any other reason.

Essential Tips To Survive In The Wilderness

We will like you to know some wilderness survival guide that will allow you to survive in the jungle.

Always Follow Marked Paths

Obvious, don’t you think? However, it is vital. It is easy to get lost in the wilderness because it is difficult to find your way around in there. Following a marked path (if there is one) is essential because getting lost is very easy.

Wear Trousers, Long-Sleeved Clothing and Footwear That Covers The Foot

Otherwise, you will end up scraped through the trees, full of spikes, and bitten by countless mosquitoes or any of the critters that exist in the location. Nor should we forget spiders, snakes, centipedes, or fleas (the latter tend to bite en masse in a coordinated way near sandy areas).

Be Careful Where You Step, Seriously

Watch every step you take. The logs, stones, and various objects are usually always lairs for animals making their living, and they can get angry if you disturb them.

On the other hand, being bitten by a snake after accidentally stepping on it is much more frequent than you might imagine. Watching where you step is a good wilderness survival guide which will help you survive in the jungle.

Always Wear A Hat Or Cap

It is the best way to protect your head. For example, there is a tree called a “cathedral” that is full of holes. An insect inhabits them that falls on passing animals. Your head is their first target, and it stings hard.

At Night, Do Not Smoke Or Use Headlights

If you smoke or headlights, you attract a lot of dangerous critters to your face. The most fearsome are those that transmit leishmaniasis; the one with the cathedral tree is one of them. This bug has a bite that generates a wound that takes weeks to heal and, in doing so, can leave large marks and even disfigurements. Don’t believe this wilderness survival guide? Look it up on Google and be amazed by the images.

Use The Hammock

It is the most practical, quick, and cheap way to sleep in the jungle. Ideally, take shaving cream with you and smear the ends of the strings with it at night. This will prevent insects from visiting you while you sleep (especially ants).

And, of course, you have to bring some insulating blanket or fabric that covers you completely. This will protect you, in addition to the bites, from the cold; Because, believe this wilderness survival guide or not, in the jungle, it is very cold at night and, above all, it affects you from above, below, and from the sides.

Check Your Footwear

Ideally, leave your shoes to face down on a stick overnight. If not, before putting on shoes in the morning, check that there are no bugs inside because this is something that occurs much more frequently than it seems.

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